iHeartMedia Fox Push Out More Data


On Monday, iHeartMedia and Fox Networks Group announced the launch of Smart A/V Audiences, a suite of data-driven advertising products available to advertisers that including both Audio and Video creative units integrated onto one platform. Here’s what iHeart CEO Bob Pittman said the goal of this new collaboration is…

Pittman said, “We launched SmartAudio with the goal of continually expanding it with innovative and impactful ways to help our advertising partners revolutionize the way they buy ads. Now by combining our assets with the unparalleled data and video assets of Fox, advertising partners can leverage audio and visual as one integrated platform. This is a major breakthrough for the industry and for marketers, allowing brands to leverage both audio and visual platforms to reach consumers like never before.”

The two companies jointly stated that smart A/V Audiences will bring the precision and immediacy of digital advertising to the scale of broadcast radio and television for the first time by creating custom audiences based on the combined power of FNG and iHeartMedia data sets.


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