Tesh A Fresh Voice For The Troops


The American Forces Radio Network have linked up with the TeshMedia Group, and will now broadcast the John Tesh Radio Show/Intelligence For Your Life Radio, on AFN Radio’s “Today’s Best Hits” channel, middays.

Scott E. Stover, Radio Director for the American Forces Network said, “American Forces Network Radio is proud to bring John Tesh’s syndicated radio show, Intelligence For Your Life to our US military serving overseas as they listen to  AFN Radio’s ‘Today’s Best Hits’ Adult Contemporary channel. We thank The John Tesh Radio Show for partnering with AFN Radio to ‘serve those that serve.’”

John Tesh added, “We are thrilled to be partnering with AFR. I know from reading my father’s WW2 diary that he and his shipmates aboard the U.S.S Panamint, an amphibious force command ship, listened to big band music non-stop on AFR and credited it with keeping them connected and with steadfast purpose. It’s my honor to preserve that connection in his name.”


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