Understanding The Power of Audio.


(By Bob McCurdy) With all of the discussion (long overdue) about neuroscience’s ability to corroborate audio’s impact on us physiologically and behaviorally, I thought it would be helpful to highlight a forgotten website, which I rediscovered earlier this week. The website is www.raisingthevolume.com, which was created five years ago by the precursor to the KRG’s vitally important Partnerships team.

This site will not only provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the impact of what enters our ears, but of the power of radio as well. It is full of interesting audio examples, insightful articles, decks, and studies, and is likely one of the largest compilations of audio insights on the Web.

The following will guide you through the site. It might be helpful to print this blog and have it handy while scrolling through.

There are seven “tabs” at the top. The two recapped below are the “Knowledge” and “Research” tabs. Each contains several sections.

Under the Knowledge tab, check out:

Sound Bytes — Contains interesting and helpful audio and video clips detailing the power of audio. There are 34 posts but don’t miss:

– Radio Is Dead. Long Live Radio
– Can You Hear Me Now? The Importance of Sound in Content Marketing
– Research Shows How Sound Can Influence How People Taste Food
– AT&T Calls On the Power of Sound
– Brand Savvy Tween
– Ringing Your Ears
– Sounds Tasty
– NPR Reports — Sell More with Sound
– Cannes Lion — Power of Sound 2013

Opinion — Contains a number of articles focused on audio and radio that are as applicable today as when written. There are 25 posts but don’t miss:

– I’m Not Listening But I Hear You
– Have You Heard a Good Joke Lately?
– TV Advertisers Need to Open Their Eyes….And Ears
– Thirteen Is a Lucky Number for Today’s Advertisers
– Minding the Media Gap
– You Don’t Need To See To Believe
– Being of Sound Mind

Power of Sound — Is narrated and contains dozens of ear-opening audio clips and videos. Don’t miss this. It is absolutely worth the time to go through this from beginning to end.

Archives — Contains some terrific audio and unique video clips detailing the importance of audio and its impact on our behavior. Do not miss:

– The Forgotten Power of Audio
– Museum of Endangered Sounds
– Sounds are Worth More Than a Thousand Words
– Are You Talking to Me?
– A Day Without Radio
– VW Powered by Olympic Cheers
– Radio You Can Smell
– A Sound Theory — the World’s Deepest Garbage Can
– A Sound Theory — The Piano Staircase

Under the Research tab, check out:

Ear vs Eye Study — Confirms that after a certain juncture of a TV campaign, audio alone delivers the same bang for the buck as TV and that marketers are in a position to leverage this audio equity in radio and not miss a beat.

Ear vs Eye Mom Edition — Similar to the study above but contains “Mom” CPG (Consumer Package Goods) products to highlight the same point.

Sonic Brand Study — In the era of tweets, Snapchat, and with the MRC’s definition of a “delivered” video being 50% of the pixels visible for two seconds, this study proves that even a second or two of audio carries a powerful marketing punch.

Ipsos Studies — These were the first client-specific, data-driven, radio performance studies conducted, totally funded by the Katz Radio Group. This section contains some excellent, empirical case histories in the following categories:

– Casual Dining
– Insurance
– Motion Pictures
– Electronics
– Apparel
– Retail
– Banking

Share this site and blog with clients and spread the “audio” word with renewed confidence and vigor. Too many advertisers have forgotten that money makes a sound but that sound makes a lot of money.

Bob McCurdy is The Vice President of Sales for The Beasley Media Group and can be reached at [email protected]


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