Kline On The Run For Childhood Cancer Awareness


Morning show host Kevin Kline, of KKBQ-FM/The New 93Q, set out on Saturday, April 29, in Milan, Italy, to run the Ultra Milano Sanremo and completed the 178.5-mile race in 47.5 hours. And if that isn’t impressive enough, he finished 14th out of a field of 100 runners. Better still, Kline ran to raise awareness and money for the non-profit organization, Snowdrop Foundation, which he and his wife, Trish Kline created in 2006.  At 11 a.m. CT, Tuesday, on CSPAN, Congressman Pete Olson honored Kline with a Navy call sign on the House floor.

“There isn’t anything easy about staying awake for 47.5 hours and running 178.5 miles, but it’s still not as difficult as battling childhood cancer,” said Kline.

“Kevin’s ability to run great lengths continues to amaze me; 178.5 in just less than 48 hours. Clearly his dedication to raising money for pediatric cancer research is a driving force behind his passion,” said Mark Krieschen, CMG Houston VP and Market Manager. “We are proud of Kevin’s accomplishments and we will continue to support his efforts and those of Snowdrop Foundation.”


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