After 20 Years McMaster Out At WGNA Albany


Sean McMaster posted his departure from the Townsquare station on Facebook, Monday. He said it was with mixed emotions that he wrote this post: “Today was my last day at WGNA. After more than 20 years of sharing my life with the greatest listeners of all time, this even to me, seems to be unbelievable. I have taken my role as an advocate of my listeners very seriously through the years and I hope that you will all support me in what was the hardest decision I have ever made.” No reason was given for why he’s leaving.

The station website still had his information up last night, which said McMaster “is committed to charity and community service and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for St. Jude, victims of Katrina, and many more. He created ‘Pennies from Heaven,’ an exclusive charity of WGNA that raised and distributed money for Capital Region children, and was a creator of ‘Blue Friday’ a New York State-recognized holiday that honors police officers who have died in the line of duty.”

Here’s more from his Facebook page which had nearly 500 listener comments Monday night. “These last couple of decades have been amazing and wonderful years. I have made so many friends and together with you all have accomplished so many great things. I hope that I have given you half of what you have given me. Your support and love have meant the world to me and have kept me going even through the toughest of times. I truly do love you all and I think you know that. I will keep you informed as to where my life goes from here, stayed tuned.”


  1. Tuned in for 10 minutes this morning, awful radio I won’t be listening to wgna anymore either whoever’s making decisions for that radio station is the one who needs to go not the guy that gave you 20 years of superior radio. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Another listener gone!!

  2. Gail
    I was totally shocked the first morning I didn’t hear Sean & Bethany. There was no warning or
    indication that there would be any change in the station that we all listened to every morning.
    I don’t know where 107.7 is trying to go………….but someone should point them in the RIGHT
    DIRECTION!!!!!! They might just as well shut the whole thing down. They have killed the station.
    It has gone from bad to worse. The impression that is showing is that there is a whole group of
    children now running the the show. Sad to see them go down the tubes, but you can’t feel sorry
    for them. They have made one mistake after another. Good bye 107.7.

  3. Switched to Frog!! Don’t feel like listening to Chrissy’s brat kid having a tyrant rum every day!! Try to guess why, who gives a crap, never going back to GNA, they suck.

  4. Where is Sean an Bethany. GNA is a real joke with these new people . They talk stupid. Nothing interesting or funny any more an music not the same anymore. I really looked forward to GNA not no more GNA will never be the same without Sean an Bethany mistake losing them. I no longer listen to GNA.

  5. New guy , Brian admits he has no knowledge of country music , what kind of DJ can he be for a country radio station ? …. This morning show is a joke and flat with personality , WGNA screwed up on this big time … it’s a giant snooze fest ….corporate needs to rethink this one , no longer a follower on this station …..

  6. Sean, Bethany (and Ritchie whom we’ve missed for the last year) were members of our family who came into our homes every morning and who rode to work with us each day. Where are they? WGNA what have you done? Where have they gone? I think you used to enjoy number one ratings in the capital district area. Don’t think that’s going to be the case for long. Sorry to say., I won’t be listening any more

  7. Just turned off WGNA for the first time in 7 years, the morning show is horrible!!! What a huge mistake they made. I gave it 2 weeks trying to get used to the new people. This morning was the last straw for me.

  8. Its like waking up and finding strangers in your house. Who are these people on my radio!? I can’t listen to WGNA anymore. At least when Sean was there it took the sting out of losing Richie. And Bethany had the most infectious giggle…loved her. Can’t stand the show now. Its not really a show anymore…maybe that’s it. But seriously…..its not GNA without Sean..period. Townsquare….you really blew it!!! Adios!!

  9. GNA is now a big Snoozefest. What have you done???? Truly miss Sean and Bethany waking me up and getting me out the door and staying with me for my 45 minute commute to work. GNA -you have lost a loyal listener.

  10. I so agree I loved listening to Sean Bethany and recently Nick ! I have listened to the two newbies – nope I’m done listening to WGNA they are awful not the same. Boooooooooooooooooo

  11. I looked forward to Sean and Bethany in the morning, I may follow him to 95.5 or just listen to sirus radio. I have listen to this channell like 30 years.

  12. I was sad when Ritchie left, and I really grew to love Bethany. Now Sean and Bethany are gone. I will no longer be listening to GNA. I did not like the FLY show with the two they have replaced Sean and Bethany with, so now GNA is ruined. Bad move on the stations part. Good luck Sean and Bethany, you will be missed!!!

  13. I will no longer listen to GNA. These new people have absolutely nothing in common with the morning show listener’s. Sean & Bethany are greatly missed. It looks like CD’S from here on.

  14. Sean and Bethany made the morning show. As someone else said, I laughed and cried on my way in to work mornings listening to them. I will no longer be listening to WGNA 107.7 which is the only station I ever listened to. Brian and Chrissy can’t hold a candle to Sean and Bethany. It was bad enough when Richie retired but this is the end for me.

  15. This is very sad to me…Sean and Bethany and Richie have been with me every morning on my way to work… You have made me laugh made me cry and inspired me to become a better person through your grace and generosity… You have become my family and I will miss you… I send you white light and love and wish you all the very best.. Much love to you and your families

  16. This is not the first time town square media screwed up something good. They absolutely suck as a corporation and the capital region needs to show them that by not supporting their advertisers. Support Albany broadcasting instead!!! It is locally owned and operated! Sean and bethany your show was awesome.! Your “replacements” …horrible! warned and pull your ads from townsquare!!!

  17. WGNA morning show with Sean, Richie and Bethany was the best. Always made me smile, laugh in the morning. It’s so boring now. Can’t take it anymore. Now it’s just a music show, can do that anywhere.

  18. It will never be the same. Going to miss your honesty which you dont find in peopleanymore, your love for people truly. Take care you will be missed. Promise you will let all of us know how you are doing. God Bless you in your future endeavors.
    Colleen Lodge

  19. Corporate huh : ( ???. Well, doesn’t that just figure….After Nick was there for wk 2 week, I knew….This is not about him or Bethany or their capabilities of keeping the listeners listening. Maybe “Corporate” should have actually somehow “asked the listeners”, afterall, aren’t we the ones that keeps their business up & running?!? Shame ~ All The Best Of The Best To You Sean

  20. I have already changed my radios over to froggy, but NOTHING will be the same without Sean. Going to miss you Sean, but wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.

  21. I do think the older country should be mixed with the modern country. After all who made country?
    Not just Sunday mornings. Everyday add some older country. Please.

  22. The morning show is bad without Sean. GNA made big mistakes when they changed the night programming. Brother Lou, Kevin Richards, Richie and now Sean. Who ever is in charge better realize your going down. The mistakes you’ve made are made because of greed. Your done GNA getting rid of Sean was the last straw. Boycott WGNA!

  23. Sean you always made me laugh. I enjoyed your show w/ Bethany. I laughed a lot when you and Ritchie were together. Thank you for all the laughs! Good luck!

  24. I also stopped listening when Kevin left! I changed to 100.9 The Cat…I agree with some of the others….I miss the REAL country music!! We need a station with just older country music…when it was great! Good Luck, Sean in your next endeavor!

  25. First Richie , now Sean will never be the same time to find a new station to listen to and I agree where did all the old singers go , Conway Twitty , Alabama , Lone Star, The Judds , Reba , Dolly , Loretta Lynn , Holly Dunn , Sara Evans even . They stopped playing Tim and Faith duo’s also . So Sad gonna Miss you Sean . I will follow if I know where your going but for the time being it’s time to surf for a new radio station WGNA sure is kicking themselves in the bum . GOOD – BYE WGNA !

  26. I loved GNA when they played country music in the 80s-90s.-2000s. now they are nothing even remotely close to what they used to be. If i wanted to hear the same 10 songs played from the same artists all day every day , i would listen to The Cat. WGNA has run parallel to them. I want to hear some Clint Black, Toby Keith, The Judds, Alabama, etc. like they used to play.. They are loosing their older listeners because they play the same music as The Cat.. Ive been wanting to comment to GNA for yrs now about this. Go back to your old programming, when your station was great!!..some of the new country is pretty good.. but nothing will ever compare to the Good Old Days when u could put on the radio and hear all the country classics from the great country bands that started this awesome Genre..

  27. The station is going in the wrong direction. The morning segments are somewhat stupid now and I find myself turning away quickly….something that would have never happened in the past. Sean has given so much to the community, created charities, and truly reached out to help others. His brutal honesty and unique radio voice kept listeners attached to the station, you never knew what would come next. I wish no ill will to the new duo, but the shoes are way too big to fill. Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. McMaster, you will be sorely missed. We have enjoyed all 20+ years and hope that you will find a microphone again soon.

  28. Its like losing a loved one. Just knowing you will never “hear” from them . Sean will definitely be greatly missed. This mornings show was kind of weird. It felt awkward this morning. WGNA will never be the same. Love Bethany and Nick but just not the same.


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