WXYC/WCAR Alumni Returning To Chapel Hill


Broker Bob Heymann tells us the student radio station at UNC is celebrating its 40th year with a reunion on March 18. He says if you ever DJ’d, read news, reported sports, sold time, or soldered wire at UNC, you played a part in this history and are warmly invited back.

The student radio station at UNC dates back to the 1960s when it was a carrier-current station. It evolved into campus-wide WCAR. WXYC (FM) signed on the air March 18, 1977, Heymann says, the culmination of countless contributions of time and talent by hundreds of devoted students. Since then, the station has earned many distinctions and received numerous awards. It was the first radio station to ever broadcast over the Internet. Hundreds of alumni have launched careers in media, entertainment, business, and the arts.

For more information on this get-together contact Jim Bond: [email protected] 


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