El Cucuy Returns To Southern California Radio


El Cucuy de la Mañana – or just El Cucuy – is one of Spanish radio’s most beloved and successful wake-up media personalities, and he has a new show on Lazer Broadcasting’s “La Mexicana” in Southern California, starting Monday, January 9.

El Cucuy is premiering first in Oxnard-Ventura market (KOXR 102.1FM/910AM) for the morning drive, 6 – 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Then, on Monday January 30, the show will launch on KCAL 1410 AM in Riverside-San Bernardino, the nation’s eighth-largest Spanish radio market. El Cucuy, whose real name is Renan A. Coello, is also known as a tireless humanitarian who raised over $1,850,000 for victims of the Central American floods.

Sean O’Neill, General Manager for Lazer Broadcasting, stated, “We are very thrilled to have Renan on ‘La Mexicana’ in one of the biggest Hispanic markets in the country. In addition to being one of the most successful radio personalities ever, whether Spanish or English, Cucuy has always remained deeply connected to the community and causes importance to the Latino community. ‘La Mexicana’ is one of the fastest-growing radio stations in Southern California and Cucuy is the perfect morning talent to lead the way.”

“I’m home again and it feels great to be with my radio family once more,” Coello, AKA El Cucuy. “Reconnecting with Hispanic listeners throughout California is what I love because we’ve become great friends over the years.”


  1. Wow, what a P.R. spin.

    If the “Boogeyman” (the translation of “Cucuy” to English) is “one of the most successful radio personalities ever” why did he leave not one, but two of the biggest Spanish language media companies (Univision and SBS) with on-air exposure in Los Angeles, the #2 radio market in the U.S., stay off the air for a prolonged period (working only at an online stream), then reappear at a company whose O&O stations are in small and medium markets?

    And let’s not talk about New Year’s Eve 2006.


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