Two 20-Year-Old’s Purchase Long Island Station


Who says Millenials have no interest in the radio industry? How about this great story. Andrew Adams and Matthew Glaser are the proud owners of WELJ-FM on Long Island. The two friends purchased the East Hampton station from Cumulus and they are calling themselves Bold Broadcasting. It’s the first step in what the two hope to turn into a media empire.

Newsday‘s Lisa Irizarry has the details about Glaser, who is a senior at Stony Brook, and Adams who graduates from SUNY Plattsburgh in May. Irizarry asked the two Smithtown, Long island residents why they would want to purchase a radio station in their 20s. Adams said, “Since 15, I’ve wanted to become involved in the cultural aspect of Long Island through media and community events, and recent studies have shown the 18-24 [radio] demographic has improved in the last decade.”

WELJ is currently playing Christmas music. A new format will be announced Monday. Before they purchased WELJ, the format was Country. Glaser told the paper, “It’s going to be much more than just radio. We have great, seasoned broadcasters bringing years of experience.” He says the station will be for everybody.


  1. I bought my first radio station when I was 25, in partnership with my brother. That was almost 25 years ago now. No one thought we’d ever last… It’s been a bumpy, very interesting ride thus far. My brother is no longer with me, but I’m still here with 2 FM’s and 4 LPTV’s now. I wish Andrew and Matthew all the best in their venture!


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