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(by Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti) In November, many of radio’s leaders and other key executives gathered at Forecast to debate, discuss, and deliberate what might be in store next year for the industry. As always, it was a lively exchange. Coming on the heels of a tumultuous election and a new set of dynamics heading into the new year, this year’s Forecast was also one of the most thought-provoking ever.

Optimism, tempered by uncertainty, captured much of the mood, as these key decisionmakers focused on how to get where we need to go to ensure growth and sustainability. It was, as it should be, a big-picture focus from the top, with the details to be executed by others down the organizational chart.

Since then, I have also had a chance to gain some interesting insight from the other end of the radio revenue train: those whose feet are on the street — the sellers. What they are hearing from their leadership, beyond some “change in the air” and “budgets” is, too often, “Just do it.”

To which each expressed from mild to exasperated frustration with a single word: “How?” Ah — those three letters! Unanswered — or answered inadequately — that one-syllable word can leave the inquisitor in a state of flux. 

Setting goals is important, but as leaders and managers, providing tools and direction is critical to supporting those who are charged with achieving those goals and bringing home the budgets. Indeed, it takes a village — or at least a library of resources — to make sure the support is compelling, useful, and inspiring.

Are you investing in your sellers — or your own sales?

At the risk of tooting our own horn, one of the best ideas and information tools is Radio Ink magazine, which celebrates 25 years as radio’s sales, marketing, and management publication in 2017.  And I don’t mind sounding like a proud parent, because the editorial content is top-shelf, thanks to Ed Ryan and his editorial writers.

Month after month, Radio Ink delivers dozens of provocative thought starters, creative how-to’s (yes, “how” to), success stories, management tips, updates on digital and social media strategies — features that can offer a foundation for your next sales meeting, sales call, or management discussion.

Here is just a sample of the “rich idea and management tip” content Radio Ink magazine shared with readers in 2016.

Superstar Profile
January 18 

Dave Peach, GM at Forcht Broadcasting, answers the following questions: How do you keep your leadership skills sharp? What advice can you give other managers on how to be successful this year? What are the traits of great sales managers and PDs? What is the number one challenge managers face?

How to Sell More Radio
March 7
Wayne Ens lists 40 ways to sell more radio. Two pages filled with ready-to-use information on how salespeople can sell more radio right away. 

Bringing In More Digital Revenue
May 9
Back-to-back articles to help radio bring in more digital revenue: a clear understanding on why radio’s advertisers should geo-target ads, written by Gabriel Barnes, and several ways to create more revenue from podcasting, by Ryan Wrecker.

How To Be A Winning Program Director
May 23  
Four of America’s top programmers answer this question: What does it take to be a winning PD in radio these days? This issue featured WFAN’s Mark Chernoff, KNDE’s Tucker Young, WDRC’s Keith Dakin, and Capitol Broadcasting’s Dennis Glasgow. A similar feature appeared several times throughout the year with other PDs.

How To Successfully Lead 100 Employees
June 20

Alpha Media Market Manager Elizabth Hamma is the focus of this profile piece, which details how she is able to lead and manage over 100 employees at her cluster in West Palm Beach.

Advertiser Success Story
Radio Brought Me a Great Idea, and Now I’m Hooked
September 19
SportsRadio WIP told us the story about Carlos Navarro of South Jersey Industries. The station has built a great relationship with Navarro and has also helped his business grow through the use of radio. Throughout the year we shine a light on advertisers using radio to grow their business and what local sellers need to do to make that happen.

Every issue of Radio Ink, in addition to our interviews with the most successful executives in our industry, is packed with content that will make you a better leader, manager, or salesperson. We guarantee it, or we’ll refund the balance of your subscription.  

* * *
One of the reasons I accepted the position as publisher of Radio Ink is my belief that, whether on digital platforms or in print, the magazine is important to the industry as a teaching, marketing, sales, and management tool. My radio staff and I used it successfully time and again when I was on the station side, and I am proud to have my name on its masthead today.

If you haven’t read Radio Ink recently and would like to get a peek at it today, drop me a line with your address and I will have a sample issue sent to you in either print or digital version — the choice is yours. I think you’ll like what you see, and chances are, you will agree it’s a great investment that will more than pay for itself over the coming 12 months.

Thanks and wishing you a very prosperous and Happy New Year.

Deborah Parenti
Radio Ink
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