Gordon Joins News/Talk 760 WJR-AM Detroit


Guy Gordon will host a new afternoon talk show from 3-5 p.m. on WJR in Detroit, starting January 3. Gordon has been in TV news in Detroit for over 30 years. He was an anchor for WDIV Local 4 News in Detroit for nine years, following 13 years as anchor of Channel 7 Action News. Gordon’s show replaces The Michael Savage Show.


  1. I agree with the huge majority of listeners who are not happy with putting Guy Gordon in a talk show. His liberal leanings and banter are not the stuff of which WJR is made. He did a wonderful
    Job as anchor and reporter but this is not the spot for him. It is apparent you are losing a lot of
    listeners in this time slot……..me, too!

  2. Guy Gordon should get a job with CNN or MSNBC where his lame liberal views would fit. He does not
    belong on WJR. Bring back Dr. Michael Savage 3 – 5 pm slot. Savage has insight into the real truth, Gordon is just partial truth and what is popular or makes him look good.

  3. Put Savage back on you idiots! Seriously you took one of the most listen and unique talk shows in the country off. What kind of back door deal was made for tbis to happen. Just leave things alone they were fine the way it was. I listened all tbe time before the change now im going elsewhere with hundreds of thousands or even millions in the same direction!

    • Totally agree Matt. 40+ years of listening and now I’m done. I’m friggin tired of hearing racist Ken Liberal Puke Brown slander the President of the United States every single day.

  4. I live in Ohio, but grew up watching Red Wings hockey on WKBD 50 and listening to WJR. Anymore, the only time I am ever able to listen to radio consistently is the afternoon – Savage was my only reason to listen to your broadcast. Not sure whether it was for political or personal reasons, but the station/program manager should take a closer look at WJR’s audience. This one is going to hurt…

  5. Lots of pro-Savage comments, but I was overjoyed when WJR booted him. He’s a legend in his own mind, an egotist of monstrous proportions, spouting conspiracy theories left and right. I hear that WJR plans on bringing him back at 11pm, which means my radio goes off at that time.

  6. Wjr You still have Michael savage but at the late late hour. Still boycotting wjr except for Rush. Put Guy Gordan, nice guy but a snooze on the late late show. Which one has the radio hall of fame award? Logically That person should have prime time. Your decision was clearly bowing to political pressure not a prudent judgement for the viability of your station. Doesn’t matter what the powers of the left do to silence opposing views. We still listen to savage on line. During my drive time during which I listened to Savage I now listen to Hannity on the patriot station. No one is listening to Guy Gorden. Hope it was worth caving to the left wing agenda of silencing right wing views.

  7. if you want to listen to Savage from 3-6 PM simply use your computer or smart phone to stream him from one of the hundreds of stations he is on. I use KSFO on my smart phone on iHeart Radio to hear him. Very easy and you can take it with you in your ear buds. Using iHeart on you desktop will allow you to listen at home. I connect my speakers to a small FM transmitter (C.Crane Co. ) about the size of a pack of cigarettes to transmit on a vacant FM frequency (see Radio-Locator.com) and I can listen to it all around my house on any FM radio. BTW Savage is back on ‘JR from 11PM-1AM just before Red Eye Radio.

  8. Me too, gone! All I can thank WJR for at this point is introducing me to Michael Savage. Now that he’s gone so am I. A very bad choice WJR!

  9. WJR has clearly been committed to conservative talk radio. Unfortunately Guy Gordon remains a clueless liberal automaton who has spent too many years reading from a teleprompter and has no idea on how to connect with a conservative audience. Early in today’s program (2/6/17) he made a snarky comment about President Trump and a recent Tweet battle with Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding “The Apprentice” which the Terminator hosts. What Mr. Gordon totally missed in that exchange is the fact that Trump owns a significant share of the Apprentice thru his friend Mark Burnett and that Arnold’s comments were nothing but classic WWE trash talking designed to help boost its failing ratings and Trump was merely being the straight guy in the initial exchange…………
    Guy Gordon, along with the rest of the MSM were once again punked by President Trump. I love it!

  10. Guy Gordon is unbelievably lame and boring. Nearly every comment on here praises Savage and wants him back, as do I. WJR continues to become more weak all the time. They get rid of Savage, and constantly interrupt Mark Levin (one of the only other decent talk shows on WJR, in my opinion) for some lame ass sports talk show garbage. You’re garbage now WJR.

  11. I am a Fan of Frank. I feel connected to Paul. I listen to Rush. I enjoyed Savage Nation and want it back. I do not fit Mitch’s demographic and dislike the banter on his show but in fairness, Mitch does have a good handle on community and political views even when they disagree with mine. Mitch is a great Detroiter. I would prefer he changes his show format. Guy is refreshing and I discount the his nay Sayers. Guy, you need a schtick, something with teeth to it. You have really good producers and your shows are interesting but, they are frankly a bit bland. It is not enough to be a good newsman or journalist, and you are one of the best, your audience wants entertained too. Finally, Please, Please WJR bring back the Great Voice of the Great Lakes. It is bad enough we suffer without the Rest of the Story, but having listened to you since Paul worked in a Toledo radio station, the most enjoyable programing was those tide-bits of Michigan history.

  12. Michael Savage was the only reason I listened to WJR. I tried listening to Guy Gordon, but I will just go back to music until another station picks him up.

  13. I am also not happy with you getting rid of Dr. Savage he was exciting to listen too. You should have got rid of Mitch Album, his show is so boring and he has no back bone. Very disappointed!

  14. I will boycott WJR except for Mitch Album she’s w. They have nothing but right wing fanatics like Paul W and especially Beckmann. Crazy old men with outdated and racist views who won’t be around too much longer, thankfully. In Beckmann you have the a person who doesn’t believe in science, makes racist comments (Tiger Woods-got fired from UofM), loves to perpetuate divisive hate rhetoric like his hero Trump!

  15. WJR has lost me too- Michael Savage was my reason for listening. Rush is also gone. There is no one in detroit that can replace the combination if there two radio hosts. Talk radio is too liberal and doesn’t have a place for conservatives to land. I hope that will change.

  16. Well, I was listening or say found Dr. Savage about a year ago. He grew on me as I became a regular listener. Guy Gordon seems like a cool cat but he’s just not my style. Sorry I have to leave WJR now as well. Not sure if I can find anyone else to replace my listening needs. I gave guy a couple weeks now but it’s just not happening.. so with that, I am out as well.. 🙁

  17. Worst move ever dropping Savage. I would love to know the thinking behind that brilliant move. I guess it’s back to inrernet radio for me.

  18. I was a loyal listener to WJR all day for years. As a business woman I can see some body made a foolish decision to drop Savage. I think smart people make a business successful. Obviously someone or some people made a poor decision by terminating Savage. Success is not based on dumb decisions. I think you should terminate those that made that poor decision. If I decided to stop selling HUG_ME_DRYS when I sell them daily for bathing babies that would be dumb too. Perhaps it was a money issues NOT WISE don’t shoot yourself in the foot when you are successful.

    • Talked to Dr. Michael Savage off the air, and he expressed gratitude on the WJR drop. But, on a positive note, Savage said he expects to get picked up by another station in the Detroit Area! Michael wasn’t sure how long that would be, or who it might be. In the meantime, WJR is off the air for ME!!!

  19. Replace Savage with Gordon, followed by Albom…, Really?
    Look, I disagreed with alot of what Savage said, but AT LEAST HE WAS ENTERTAINING, not to mention provocative. Gordon and Albom would make a nice sandwich with coast to coast a.m. , or whatever you have in that time slot. You people are FUBAR, and I am finished with WJR.

  20. Why on earth would you dump Savage? You have made this Canadian very unhappy 🙁 and forced me to look elsewhere for news-talk radio..

  21. WJR-Detroit: Are you placing Guy Gordon in this slot to raise your listeners awareness of him? Is this because Paul W and Frank Beckman are wanting to retire soon?

    Will Frank Beckman retire first, this year 2017, and you first put Guy in Frank’s slot, THEN Paul W will retire next year in 2018, and you will move Guy to Paul W’s spot?

    When J.P. McCarthy (spelling?) died suddenly, you were lucky to have Paul W in the wings, because you obviously didn’t consider Frank Beckman good enough. But now, if BOTH Paul W and Frank might be wanting to retire, you had no one on the bench to take Paul W’s place. That morning show has been your bread-and-butter for decades now, since J.P. made it that way for you.

    Maybe you believe Guy is the “guy” to take the place of Paul W in the next (2) years of less? Guy WOULD be great as Paul W’s replacement, but it would have been better for you to Ditch-the-Mitch, instead of choosing to ravage-the-Savage.

  22. Sorry but Guy Gordon is a snoooooze.

    He inspires me—- to re-arrange my sock drawer.

    PLEASE figure out a way to bring back Savage. Mitch Albom used to be tolerable, but he has become such a predictable lefty-PANSY that he is unlistenable.

  23. I’m not a Savage fan, but that’s not because I disagree with him politically–I agree with him whole heartedly. For me, he seems unstable and has a tremendous ego, as all talk show hosts do, however, his is obviously very fragile, so I find all of this hard to listen to for more than a few minutes. I’m not impressed with Guy Gordon, however. He doesn’t seem to be a conservative and he’s pretty boring with his delivery that seems to be lacking intensity. I tune out at 3:00 and switch to Hannity 100% now.

  24. I never really got Mitch Album and that stupid Keven Brown and “Rosie” whoever the hell that was………I used to listen because i was to lazy to change the channel after Rush and Savage……What kind of arrogant idiots do you have working there…with the powerhouse leadin like that…. you take off one of the best shows and relpace it with one that copies your worst (Mitch Album) show. Goodby.

  25. I was a loyal WJR listener. No more. How does a radio station drop a Top 25 Talk Radio Show with a 21.2 share and NOT offend its thousands of listeners in that time slot? Who makes these absurd decisions and keeps their job? I predict Savage will be back after WJR loses it advertisers in this time slot due to a complete lack of listener interest.
    Fortunately, there are other options. WKZO 590 am 3-6pm and Hanity on 1400 am Wise up. WJR. You just lost me, several co-workers and neighbors.

  26. Wow, some lame decision, Mitch the leprechaun was pathetic enough (I’m gone within seconds of hearing his line of $#!^. And now two lame boring lack of common sense shows in a row–that’s it good bye and good riddance W(tf) J(erks) R(ridiculous) !!!

  27. It is very disappointing to loose Dr Savage on 760. He shares independent, original thoughts and covers REAL news with objectivity. I abhor hearing hosts and anchors reteliing the same talking points from elite groups and SJW pretending to be victims. I agree there is not enough time to suffer with fools, or waiting for the new host to wake up. No more propaganda. No more group think. No thanks WJR.

  28. Looks like Im changing radio stations after this move. I have never been a HUGE fan of Dr. Michael Savage, but a listener nonetheless. Bad move WJR, ill tune in for Rush, but thats it.

  29. Guy Gordon is an awesome guy, but the only reason I listened to wjr is for Savage, there has to be another time slot to put Mr Gordon

  30. Are you kidding me ?!! Micheal Savage was the only reason WJR was a preset on my radio. Biggest mistake since you gave the boot to Mark Scott. Who the hell wants to listen to Guy Gordon ? The lame brain that made this decision should get canned. Mitch Album and Guy Gordon a real stellar line up you got goin there ! Hannity on 1400am 3-5 is what I’ll be listening to on my way home from work.

  31. Wow WJR you blew it this time for sure. I’m 64 and have listened to The Voice Of The Great Lakes for 50 years. Dr. Savage was a breath of fresh air from the mundane and I will go to another AM station to listen to him.Replacing him with Guy Boredom is a real slap in the face to thousands of once loyal listeners and we will be searching the airwaves for suitable enlightened programming.I’m pretty sure that you’ve made a terrible mistake and that it will come back to haunt you in the corporate pocket book.

  32. Good job WJR. A loyal listener from across the border in St.Thomas Ontario Canada and one no longer. I would listen every day to the Dr. Savage show on my drive home for some truth and honesty, neither of which come from the liberal media and now I’ll be looking for something new . Which will be hard because other then online the Dr. Savage show is not played on any Canadian radio channels and im not close enough to pick up another Am channel with the show. You made a horrible decision that I think will cost you dearly.

    • Mitch, please look up “long range AM antenna” on the web, for instructions how to make an AM antenna to pick up far away stations that carry Savage. This search will also bring up long range AM antennas you can buy instead of make. Also research CCrane Radio for long distance AM radios. Also consider listening to Savage via internet radio station streaming. Also, consider downloading his radio show podcasts from his website, or from a radio station that carries his show. Much Good Luck to you.

  33. Im done with WJR. You should hav canceled Mitch and his side kick yes boy instead. I will be deleting WJR from my radio dial. You guys are a bunch of typical elitest hacks. GOOD BYE!!

  34. Was proudly listening to Savage via WJR in Cleveland Ohio…… will now listen to The Daily Show on YouTube with no commercials haha WJR….YOU bunch of creeps


  36. Asinine that W.hat J.oke R.adio changed direction after the TRUMP VICTORY, and dumped Dr. Michael Savage??? You would think that WJR would go with one of the reasons why TRUMP was elected The President of the United States of America, and especially with Michigan’s change to also vote Donald in!!! Total LOCAL idiots running and working at WJR currently!!! Or, maybe it had something to do with the Liberal NY bastards–(like Bitch Al/Bum), that recently purchased the Fisher Property? All and All, i hope the old Radio Bitch goes Belly UP!!!

  37. #1. The Media, their shareholders and sponsors NEED the People—NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!!!!! Boycott WJR and everything to do with them!!! “GREAT STAKES FOR THE GREAT LAKE STATE”.

    • Heard it through the grapevine that Paul W. (the W. stands for WUSS), literally despised Dr. Savage. As far as Bitch Al/Bum and his Side/Dick is concerned, you don’t have to be a cold fusion scientist to realize how much hate they had for Savage and President Elected…DONALD TRUMP!!! W.hat J.oke R.adio let these two Baboons spew their venom every day since Trump made his decision to run for Presidency. Now who are the FOOLS–actually an oxymoron statement–haha. Mitch Album And Ken Brown are Point Blank charlatans!!! Boot these jokers, put Guy in their slot and Give Savage the FULL 3-6pm time slot–then i’ll listen to WJR!!! WJR’s Program director is probably a chimpanzee with a coloring book—AT BEST!!! Hahahaha

      • Guy gorden is interesting, but you should have put him in a different time slot and kept the savage nation. I dont like going online, but i will now.

  38. Thanks for the tip that we can still tune into Michael on AM1340. I’m streaming it right now on my ‘Simple Radio’ app. Also, Sean Hannity is still on from 3:00 to 5:00 on AM1400

  39. Not one comment in favor of the switch! Add me to the long list of listeners that will leave the 3 – 5 time slot on WJR. Good bye!

  40. Just like that huh???? No more savage no more me !!! WJR, wise up to the movement that elected Trump. The socialist/liberal garbage is on its way out the door… It’s happening all over the globe! The leftist leaders with there sickening ideas of liberalism no longer fly. Your ratings will soon start to fall just like CNN or the news papers that waved the banner of leftist ideas. No one is that stupid to believe your making this move for ratings, Guy Gordon For Savage???? Really??? Censorship at its best!

  41. Agree. No more wjr.. they already play scheduling games with mark levin and now this…will try to stream that 1340am station to get full 3 hours. Savage can be infuriating but he is always real. I was born in Detroit..lived in Port Huron and Warren and Marysville in the 50s..till Dad transferred to Texas I loved listening to WJR and hearing the beloved street names….such good memories along with thought provoking radio hosts..levin and savage

  42. Regina Wood. Can’t believe you caved in to political pressure and replaced a radio hall of fame winner Michael Savage with losing programming . I will no longer listen. I guess you get paid even if you don’t have an audience. I will get Dr Savage on line and listen to the patriot during the time slot was formerly Michael Savage. You no longer have an audience. The host is speaking to an empty room

  43. I tried listening to Guy Gordon’s show and find it to be just more run of the mill garbage (no offense to Mr. Gordon), just like the Mitch Albom show. Not wasting my time with WJR any longer. Wise up guys and listen to your listeners.

  44. Guys thoughtful analysis of current events and local news will be refreshing to those of you that choose to continue listening to 760. I’m with the rest of you, bye bye 760. What a stupid move. But look on the bright side. Now that your forced to stream or listen on YouTube, you won’t have to listen to an hours worth of commercials.

  45. I hope your advertisers have more common sense than the W.J.R. station management. Guy Gordon can’t carry Dr Savages water. This is just another lefty driven decision!

  46. As a loyal listener to WJR pretty much all day till 5…..and picking up again listening again at 8:00 p.m all the way through most of Red Eye……WHAT A SHAME….I WILL LISTEN TO SAVAGE ON LINE!!!! Still trying to find out what happen???????

  47. Color me gone on the 3 to 5 time slot. Don’t much care for Guy Gordon. His political analysis of current events is less than stellar. Can’t believe this is a smart move for WJR. So sad that Michael Savage was sent packing. This is the end of my listening to WJR. Hope your advertisers feel the pinch. I agree that they should have gotten rid of Mitch Albom and his silly side kick. Their commentary requires me to change the station to FM. Not real quality stuff. WJR needs a new program manager!

  48. Who the heck is this guy? And where is Savage. My favorite talk show host. I look forward to hearing him every day. Is he too far right for WJR. Well you just lost a listen. Im deleting you from my radio.

  49. RG- I was stunned coming home from work with no Savage. Why? I’m done with this crap. You already have that clown Mitch Blabon on later (thank God it’s usually after my drive home). You lost me.

  50. Not even the Lion’s broadcast can save you from this stupid move. You really should have polled your listeners before smacking us in the face like that. Nice New Year surprise! As one of the formerly most loyal am760 listeners, hear me loud and clear, WILL NEVER TUNE INTO WJR EVER AGAIN!!!!!! Sincerely pissed. So long.

  51. No one will listen to Gordon’s show. It’ll be off the air in no time. Luckily, one can listen to Savage via online streaming Michigan stations in the same time slot (3-6 pm), plus the third hour that WJR gave over to Albom, like Grand Rapids’ https://1340wjrw.com.

  52. I would have thought if WJR was to drop a show, it would have most certainly been the Mitch Albom show.
    But, to drop Michael Savage, the best show WJR has (had)?!!!
    Literally unbelievable!!

    • I also am shocked . No Savage. Disgusted with WJR. No warning either. Nothing was said in December about replacing Savage. He was our go to from 3-5 in the car and on our Bose at home. Where do we find him?

  53. I am baffled as to why they would replace Dr Savage with Guy Gordon. No disrespect meant to Mr Gordon but there’s no comparison. Hopefully Dr Savage pops up somewhere else in the Detroit area. In the meantime I’ll be switching to Sean Hannity at 3p on WDTK.

    • WJR radio program executives shove what they want down your throats! They don’t poll their loyal listening base to see what YOU would like to hear, they just do what they want and hope the flock of sheep will follow. My move would have been to boot Mitch and Brown and put Guy in their slot and leave Savage. Besides, Mitch said he was leaving the USA if Trump won the election!!! Maybe he can do Cuban Radio? HAhahaha.

  54. Stopped listening to WJR, which now stands for… WHAT JOKE RADIO!!! I used to like Frank Beckman till we found out who’s butt he has his head up–Fout/Hackman debacle. What can i say about Mitch? Usually NOTHING!!! To bump a #1. radio personality like Michael Savage with a local ‘why don’t you just retire already’ Gordon, is just plain idiotic. As far as the LieOn’s are concerned, after Sunday Night Football, their season will end at 1 game over .500! Of course this is still a Magical season for any die hard LieOn fan—hahaha. They deserve each other, WJR and the LieOn’s.

  55. Boycotting WJR. I’ve already takin 760 off every vehicle I drive. Don’t think I’m coming back either. Gordon’s rating will suck badly. I hope you go bankrupt. Bye Frank, Rush & boring Mitch Album. I’m one of the deplorables that continues to boycott the main media. Looks like I’m adding WJR(losers) to the list. I don’t give a ? about the Lions either.

  56. what did y’all listen to before your favorites became your favorites…get over it and try something new. Local is far better than national…GO LOCAL. the rest of you grow up!

    • Absolutely ridiculous and stupid move WJR! I WAS a loyal listener until you dumped Savage. I hope your station suffers great financial loss from your stupidity. Typical liberal idiots again. You guys will not break us down and suppress the real truth!!


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