Shooting For A World-Record Thanksgiving


What do you get when 600 people come together for a Thanksgiving meal? In Des Moines, you get donations for the needy and a shot at a Guinness world record. On November 6, the good people from Cumulus-Des Moines brought together the 600 for a fun attempt at a world record, and to raise awareness for the needy as Thanksgiving approaches. Folks from the area poured in with donations of food and clothes, to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal and to simply be part of “Largest Number of People Breaking Bread.” The event benefited Hope Ministries, which feeds about 450 people a day.

Event organizer, Elizabeth Stewart, Director of Marketing, NTR & Integrated Sales for Cumulus Media-Des Moines, said: “Obviously that number [of people needing to be fed] climbs during the holidays. We tried to come up with a fun way to get people talking about it and engaged in the conversation of how they can help people right in their community with clothes and food donations.”


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