It’s Official. Rosenberg Replaces Warner Wolf


It was reported in the New York City press over the weekend that Imus never gave legendary sports anchor Warner Wolf a reason he was booted from the show. And on Tuesday it was announced that Sid Rosenberg would return to the Imus program as sports anchor.

Rosenberg will also continue as co-host with Bernard McGuirk of The Bernie and Sid Show, which airs on 77 WABC weekdays from 10 a.m.-Noon EST. Cumulus tells Radio Ink Wolf will be providing sports wraps throughout the day for WABC. His reports will be featured Monday through Friday and on weekends, especially when sports news breaks.


  1. Warner Wolf’s sound was getting worse by the day.. there is no way Connell McShane can use the same recorder out of the studio and sound perfectly fine while Warner sounds like he’s 10 feet from the microphone. At first I was mad at IMUS but after some thought I feel Warner truly wanted to be fired… if you go back and listen to his final weeks you will notice that he is being deceiving because his mood is fine but it was beyond obvious that he was backing off the Mic on purpose.

  2. I enjoyed IMUS in the Morning on the radio for a dozen years or so on my way to work. Thanks for the memories. One of the saddest things about memorable performers is that they don’t know when to quit. It’s over Don go home get into the rocker and put the shawl on.

  3. I stood by Imus for very long time, through all the incidents

    But I will stand by him no more – after he fired the great Warner wolf to replace him with and no talent nobody like Rosenberg

  4. Unfortunately, Don Imus’s act of being a curmudgeon has leaked into his cerebral cortex and he’s become one. His show has degraded and he seems truly whipped by a no-talent wife who screams over those who disagree with her and seems to think that paying money to get her name put on a medical unit makes here a doctor. Imus’s act is getting really old, and it’s a wonder that people like Frank Rich would tarnish their reputations appearing on the show—which Imus is increasingly absent from himself. Vin Scully and Warner Wolf became legends as they aged. Imus has become an embarrassment.

  5. I’m done with Imus. Been with him a long time, sad. Sid Rosenburg ??? What a creep. Don, you’re just mailing it in. Sorry to see you go.

  6. Imus, that was just wrong, and I always believed there was more to Charles leaving so quickly. To not even inform Warner and the others on the show were totally surprised according to press reports. Sid, was sickening and has done nothing to indicate he is not the skum bucket he once was.

  7. Warner should join his good friend Mark Simone’s show. They were hilarious together on Saturday mornings and had a real rapport. Imus has always been an insincere human being. He backs someone and the turns on them. He does this all the time if it helps himself.

  8. I agree that imus show has been going downhill since he the Rutgers incident. Fox business almost saved the show … it was passable tv with good guests and good looking women. Now it’s few guests, that horrible sounding wife of his, phony Sid, seldom coherent imus. He just scored a new two-year contract. Doesn’t take much thought to conclude he traded Wolf’s job $$$ for his own new contract, hiring Sid for very little money.

    • WILLIAM: Totally on the money
      I stopped listening when he moved to Texas and we lost Carly.
      I despise that right-wing nut Deidre and the stupid psycho bits. I only miss hearing Matt Taibi.
      Last week I woke at 5 a.m. and was listening to 880 and got bored and went to 770 in NY. I knew Sid had a show with Bernie, but I was shocked that Sid was doing sports.
      I only went online January 26. 2017.

    • Imus is a Moron. To fire Warner for Sid Rosen was a serious error in judgement. But Imus has never possessed what I would call “good judgement.” I quit listening to him after he left FOX. I listen to Doc Thompson now on The Blaze. He’s far more entertaining than Imus. It’s time for Imus to hang it up IMO!

  9. IMUS
    Can’t believe you fired the only person with some class for reasons only your sick and senile mind would know. Hope he resurfaces and kicks your old and amaciated ass……best of luck to you Warner…what you forgot about the radio business, those assholes who work for Imus have yet to learn……

  10. Dislike Imus very much for what he did to Warner, one of the best sports guys ever. Hope bad Karma comes back for how he treats people. He’s on the radio too long as it is. Hope he gets removed from WABC.

  11. Typical move by that old senile fool Imus who deserves to be fired himself. The worst show in the morning with people who belong in an insane asylum. The show has gone downhill for years and should be replaced with someone who is in NYC and not in Texas. Warner was the ONLY PRO ON THE SHOW AND DESERVED BETTER. But Imus and his current crew led by antimsemite McGirk deserves to be taken off the air. Same old tired shit every day. You should check yourself into an old folks home Imus you fucking asshole.i hoe all those people starting with a real aberated mental defective gunzel should all be fired and led out the door by that antimsemite McGirk….a guy who doesent have a shread of talent and hasn’t had an original thought since Jimmy Carter was president. Hope all early risers have something better to do than listen to a senile asshole who should have been booted off the air long ago with his wannabe rodeo idiot kid – who he never stops bullshitting about. Hope to say bye bye to all the idiots who wast precious airtime with a show that needs to be flushed down the toilet. Can’t waiatmtomsay GOOD RIDENCE. Oh, by the way you need some new commercials…guess no sane company would want to advertise on such an isiotic show. What a waste of 4 hours…of which I us only does Three. Guess he needs to sleep and can’t a,le the 4th hour so he leaves it to the patients in the asylum.Two last comments for Slimeus in the morning. I like Sid Rosenberg. Hope Imus doesn’t drive him to drink and drugs and he can continue to do sports. He won’t be Warner but you,can always get what you want.and maybe you can be polite and STOP FUCKING INTERUPTING YOUR GUESTS AND STAFF. You don’t know shit about anything and that includes C&W Music which you THINK you are an expert, which you ain’t….


  12. Sid (the skid) Rosenberg and Imus (slime-us) are 2 backstabbing scum bags, What they did to legendary sports caster Warner Wolf. Rosenberg and ass hole Imus did everything they could to hurt and make fun of the classy,reputable and respectfiul Warner Wolf. Imus constantly refusing to let Warner complete his sports casting by interrupting him,cutting his microphone off laughing at him etc. And all along backstabber Skid Rosendeuche. constantly encouraging Imus,telling him,”Warners not worth the money he gets,” I’ll do his job for half the money he gets, etc. Those are 2 real punks. Imus is a senile,mumbling and fumbling nasty,moody ass who should have retired 10 yrs. ago, He’s just stealing the money, And 2 faced,back stabbing Skid is on the same page as Slimus, Please boycott show from 6am-12 noon,77wabc am radio

    • Just found this thread. Wolf has sued Imus. But for everyone else who posted here: stay tuned. There is more crap coming down the pike. If you think you dislike Imus now — just you wait! You’ll be thrilled to know there is more to come.


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