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iHeartMedia’s Dave Carwile has worked in every position in radio sales and sales management over the past 23 years. He’s been an AE, Team Leader, GSM, DOS, NSM, Market Manager, Market President, Regional Market President, and now Region President over 53 radio stations in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Carwile has excelled at every level during those 20-plus years and has been promoted to senior executive level positions four times just in the past five years.

One of his co-workers tells Radio Ink, “Dave’s success is in no small part due to his spirit. He’s a fighter for everything and everyone that he believes in. The passion he has for this industry is contagious and it is truly inspiring to work with him. Aside from being a fighter, he’s also one of the most gentle souls that I’ve ever encountered.”

Carwile is also very active and engaged in telling radio’s real story and its continuing contributions to the consumer media landscape. According to people that work closely with him, Dave Carwile is passionate about the implications of radio both on and off air. He’s described as “selfless, caring, and downright awesome, and a pleasure to work with at all times.” Dave Carwile is one of Radio Ink’s Best Managers of 2016 and will be featured in our October 24 issue. Here is our extended interview with iHeartMedia Virginia-Carolina Region President Dave Carwile.

Radio Ink: How important is it for managers to have some local autonomy in making a station successful today, both in ratings and revenue?
Carwile: Our responsibility is to service the community, so it’s very important to be able to customize our stations locally. Through our local advisory boards, local research, and community groups, we have a good handle on being listener- and client-centric.

Dave Carwile and his iHeartMedia team
Dave Carwile and his iHeartMedia team

Radio Ink: How are you attracting millennials?
Carwile: Our best source has been referrals from our current staff. We’ve spent a lot of time over the last 12 months searching and hiring the “brightest and best” across our region. We’ve found that many have had such a positive experience they’ve brought their friends and former co-workers to the table locally or referred them to another iHM market. People are blown away by our digital offerings, Total Traffic, brand ambassador programs, and opportunity to represent multiple markets across the country. We aren’t just radio any longer. Once talent starts working in our space, it is a real eye-opener.

Radio Ink: How are you able to balance work and personal with all of your responsibilities?
Carwile: Admittedly, work/life balance is not my strength. I’m a fanatic and love what I do. Stepping away from the action is a struggle. My family knows I give work 100% during the week and give family 110% on weekends. We love to travel and explore together. The beauty of our industry is the flexibility. Flexibility to attend a school event during the day or early-afternoon sporting events. I’ve taken every opportunity possible to attend my children’s recital or lacrosse game, I encourage everyone on my staff to do the same. The work can wait.

Radio Ink: What is the number one challenge you face every day as a manager in 2016, and how are you overcoming it?
Carwile: Over the years, many of our staff have taken on additional duties and wearing more “hats” today than ever. It’s easy for a team to get overwhelmed by the sheer pace our industry moves every day. We love being innovative and always trying new things. Unfortunately, innovation requires additional effort but the rewards are ten-fold. As a leader, it’s important for us to step in, roll up our sleeves, and help out. “How can I help you?” goes a long way. I’ve discovered “dividing and concurring” keeps everyone fresh, happy, and eager to take on the next opportunity.

Radio Ink: Tell us what your biggest/most proud moment at the station or cluster was over the past 12 months.
Carwile: In January, my team and I restructured a new region (five markets in North Carolina and part of South Carolina). Eight months later, this same team takes on five more markets in Virginia. It was incredible to watch so many passionate people work so hard to create this new environment together. We collaborated on designing improved workflows, creative writing departments, digital idea sharing, collaborative manager summits, and building a network of brand ambassadors stretching across three states. It’s invigorating to come to work and be a part of this culture every day.


Radio Ink: How can radio get revenue growing again?
Carwile: We must tell our (radio) story to more people, more often. Radio is the #1 reach medium but we’re the only ones that know. With so many new “shiny objects” going to market daily, we must remind decisionmakers that radio has been the consistent medium over the last 40 years. Radio captures consumers closest to the point of sale. We have an intimacy with our listeners and community that no other media can duplicate. We are making great progress. More advertisers are repeating radio’s story now; however, more work is still to be done. We can’t stop telling our story and telling it more often.

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