Disgraced Congressman Gets Radio Show Back


Trey Radel is returning to the radio station (92.5 Fox News Radio) in Fort Myers where he hosted a show before winning a seat in Congress in 2012. Radel resigned in disgrace after trying to purchase cocaine from an undercover agent in Washington, DC. The morning slot opened up recently when Conservative host Drew Steele took a job at KSL in Salt Lake City.


  1. Some combination of naivete, graft, cynicism, incompetence and exploitation is now, with this move, publicly on display. Might as well toss in an abject discount and insulting of the audience, as well.
    Ridicule is the order-of-the-day.
    That is, unless some twisted religious morality is put forward as a rationale – in which case, any indignation will be turned back on to the complainant.
    Weirdness writ large.


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