Commission Proposes $15K Fine For Repeat Florida Pirate


Vilnord Simon is caught again operating an unlicensed station at 103.1-FM in North Miami. The commission says it warned Simon in writing that operation of this unlicensed station was illegal and that continued operation could result in further enforcement action, and now his repeat-offender status has earned him a $15,000 government fine. Simon has a history of operating pirate stations in North Miami, according to the FCC.

Back in 2008, Simon operated an unlicensed station on that same frequency and received a written warning from the government. In January and August of 2015, the Enforcement Bureau’s Miami Office located an antenna at Simon’s residence again. Then in April of this year, agents from the Miami office once again tracked down Simon’s station on the 103.1 frequency. A Facebook page and website even referred to the station, and Simon’s Facebook photo matched his Florida driver’s license.

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