Westwood Renews Michael Savage


What we know is it’s a multi-year renewal with Michael Savage; no other details were released. Savage said about the agreement, “My deal with Westwood One caps my winning the National Radio Hall of Fame nomination. My show is famous for my ‘news, views, and reviews,’ and we will take it to new levels come January 2017. We will be doing a three-dimensional show — on broadcast stations, as a live stream, and with special segments created only for subscribers.” The Savage Nation airs on 235 stations.


  1. Congratulations, Westwood One, on your intelligent decision to renew SAVAGE NATION! Michael is the gutsiest radio host and political commentator in America today. From Lawrence, Kansas, I send greetings to the hero of Borders, Language! Culture! God bless you, Michael.

  2. Exciting and wonderful news, Michael… I look forward to listening, and viewing, and insider takes in the new year. Wishing you every success and thank you for educating, uplifting and illuminating issues of the day. You are a national treasure!

  3. “Congratulations, Michael.” I have been listening in the DFW area for many years. Thanks for being the “Rock of the ether.” Thank you for your service, commitment, and keen insight.
    Many Blessings…


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