Why The RAB Stopped Reporting Revenue


    This is not a totally unexpected decision. In fact it’s been discussed for several years by the RAB’s Board of Directors and President and CEO Erica Farber (pictured here). Over time, since the RAB began reporting revenue numbers, about 20 years ago, they’ve gone from monthly to twice every year. And while some will speculate industry executives might not want to continue to release numbers that are consistently flat, then try to put a happy face on those numbers, the organization says that was not the reason.

    There are other companies such as Kantar Media, Miller Kaplan and BIA/Kelsey that release revenue numbers, and with recent staff changes at the RAB, the organization and the RAB Board decided the timing was right to make this change now. Back in July, The RAB’s SVP of Research Andy Rainy left her position with the organization after 23 years.

    The next report would have been released around the 15th of August (the RAB changed them from quarterly to semi-annual last year). Radio Advertising Bureau CEO Erica Farber tells Radio Ink the focus will be to push out more specific information about advertisers and categories and the role radio plays in helping businesses succeed. That type of detail was always included in the revenue reports anyway and she says we should start to see more of that type of data from the organization in the next several weeks.


    1. They are falling right into line. This goes with the ever popular trend of radio research groups staffed by radio people telling other radio people how great and relevant radio is. No wonder this industry is tanking so hard.

    2. That’s just great. Now, the RAB thinks future sales figures will be so bad, we’ll hide them. The RAB must also believe in no report cards for kids. I can’t think of another industry where sales figures for that industry are being hidden.


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