Research Showed Listeners Wanted Music


And for that reason, Mark Thompson is out at Classic Rocker KSWD in L.A. Thompson of “Mark and Brian” in the morning fame announced yesterday he was leaving his latest job, co-host on Entercom’s KSWD in Los Angeles. Here’s what The OC Register reported…

“Last week I was in L.A. and GM Peter (Burton) and PD Dave (Beasing) and I had a meeting,” Thompson said. “And Peter goes, ‘I’m going to say something and you’re not going to like it.’ I have learned when a conversation begins with that … whatever is behind it is just not good.” Management told Thompson that research showed the listeners wanted more music. Thompson replied,‘Well, you don’t need me.”

Thompson plans to launch a syndicated weekend show on The Sound called “Cool Stories in Music,” in which he takes a famous group or artist and, along with their timeless hits, tells the story behind the music that few people know – as only a storyteller like Mark can. “I love to tell stories. That’s what I do. This new weekly show is a great platform to do just that,” said Mark.

Beginning Thursday The Sound’s morning drive time show will be called “Andy & Gina in the Morning.” While keeping some of the most popular features of “Mark in The Morning,” the new program will devote more airtime to playing music.


  1. This exact research has been consistent and regurgitated for almost 30 years.
    And radio still continues to believe it!
    (“More Rock – Less Jocks”)
    That’s what killed the radio star while crippling the industry – to the point where it (radio) has become just a tad more than Genre-Muzak.
    Lesson: Respondents to such questions don’t know if they are punched or bored – and are to be discounted as being unable to accurately represent themselves.
    Not stupid – just inept under the circumstances.
    Rx: Programmers program and Personalities perform.


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