Just How Big Will Beasley Become?


If this deal did go through as is (Beasley plans to divest stations in Charlotte to get FCC approval) with Beasley keeping all 21 Greater Media stations, Beasley would grow from a company with $106 million in revenue to a company with $247 million.

According to BIA/Kelsey, Greater Media is now the 11th-largest radio company and Beasley is 14th in terms of revenue. With revenue of $247 million, Beasley would become the 8th largest company just below Alpha and just above Radio One. In terms of stations, with 73, Beasley would rank 9th.

According to BIA, there are 68 stations in the Charlotte market. That means the maximum that can be owned is five FMs/three AMs. Currently Beasley has five FMs and two AMs, and Greater Media has two FMs and one AM. So it looks like there are two FMs that will soon be up for grabs.


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