What Is The FCC Doing About New York-Area Pirates?


    Not much if you take a look at the latest engineering study released by the New York State Broadcasters Association. The firm of Meintel, Sgrignoli and Wallace counted the number of unauthorized “pirate” radio stations in the New York Metropolitan area. Seventy-six stations were apparently operating without an FCC license. So where are the pirates and why is the number of pirate radio stations growing?

    Nineteen pirate stations were found in the Bronx, 29 in Brooklyn, 13 in Newark, NJ, and 15 pirate stations were found in Paterson, NJ. The 29 stations found in Brooklyn represent a 58% increase in the number of unauthorized pirate stations operating in that borough, when compared to a similar survey conducted in 2015. The study observed that it likely underestimated the number of unauthorized pirate stations in the area. There could be more than 100 pirate stations operating in the New York metropolitan area.

    New York State Broadcasters Association President David Donovan said, “Like our previous studies, the new survey provides compelling evidence that the FCC needs to address this problem. Last summer, the entire New York Congressional delegation asked the FCC to fix the problem. While the FCC has published an Enforcement Advisory, it needs to devote the manpower and resources to increase its enforcement efforts. Moreover, Congressional action will be important to assist the FCC in these efforts.”

    Read the entire 103-page New York State Broadcasters Association study HERE.


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