The Secret To Building A Successful Podcast


Podcasters have a lot of questions. What’s the best way to get a podcast noticed? How do you monetize a podcast? How do you best market a podcast? At this year’s Podcast Movement in Chicago, my main focus is to connect the talented content craters in radio with successful digital audio practices.

In many ways, positioning a radio station is similar to positioning a podcast. Here are three fascinating notes from some of the speakers during day Day 1 of the Podcast Movement conference that will help you better build a stronger base to position your podcast for success:

  • Meagan Francis with The Mom Hour pointed out that consistency is respect. If you produce content for the Web and disappear in between, you’re doing your audience a disservice if you treat your production as one and done. She says, “audio doesn’t have to be one way,” and it’s true on the radio just as it’s true with podcasting.
  • Jay Wong with The Inner Changemaker made the point that creative people like
    Jay Wong (Photo: Ryan Wrecker)

    to create content. To get into the creator’s mindset, get into the idea of creating something new every single day. You need to have patience, and more importantly you need to have courage. Choose courage over confidence. You can best position your podcast by allowing the creative people in your building to do what they do best – create content.

  • Ben Manilla with BMP Audio argued that data, analytics, and automated killed radio… and to not let it happen to podcasting. He warned that you should trust your gut over data, be creative in your process instead of producing just for the sake of analytics, and the personal decisions and interactions can’t be substituted with automation. If that happens, podcasting will become irrelevant.

Ryan Wrecker programs WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for Federated Media. You can reach him on Twitter @RyanWrecker and also by email at


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