Talent Management Should Be Your Top Priority


Is talent management your biggest priority of your average week?

Don’t just give a quick answer “yes” without truly thinking about the question. If you assume that a fly-by meeting in the hall can pass for a coaching session, think again. If you believe that a meeting with your morning show producer is adequate, you need to adjust your thinking.

Your talent is one of your key brand differentiators and you are the person in the prime position of influence to help make a difference. As the task of managing brands on multiple channels of distribution gets more involved with every day that passes, it is important to audit literally almost every minute of your work day.

Meetings of any topic can become a regular occurrence and can be a drain if they aren’t focused and prioritized on the big items that matter. Sometimes that walk to the water cooler can be sidetracked by that co-worker who likes to chat it up. What is really occupying your day that ranks higher on the priority list than managing and coaching your talent?

When I was part of the air staff at WNEW-FM, working for the great Charlie
Kendall, he was the first to bring this type of analysis to his daily work. I remember him telling the staff he had just done an audit of his time spent on key priorities and when his evaluation came back it had fallen short in time spent on talent management.

The metrics said he was spending somewhere in the vicinity of 25% of his
time on talent management every week and he felt it should have been more
like 30%.

So you make the call depending on the needs of your team. Maybe you think you should be spending 40% of your time on talent. The point is to make the analysis and be honest with yourself on the evaluation.

You’ll be glad you did and so will your talent!

Buzz Knight is the Vice President of Program Development for Greater Media and can be reached at [email protected]


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