Savery Rises To Corporate At Curtis


He began his career as an Account Executive back in 1992 with Curtis Media. Yesterday, Trip Savery was named President and COO of that company by CEO Don Curtis. The founder of the company said, “This is actually more of a formality. We have actually been working this way for the past year.”

Savery has been a Curtis GM at WQDR, WPCM, WKIX, and WCHL, as well as National Sales Manager. In 2005, he was named Senior Vice President while also serving as General Manager of WQDR FM. In 2010, Savery joined Greater Media in Charlotte where he became Vice President and Station Manager of WBT, WLNK, and the Bob & Sheri radio network. In late 2013, Savery returned to Curtis Media Group as Executive Vice President.


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