Increase Your Value To Your Company


Radio is in the perfect position to explore closer relationships with local listeners through adventures in social media and in your own online resources. You can’t do that without a higher profile. Here are three ways to use fun, video, and local people to make more of a name for yourself, create more revenue potential, and bring more people to your party. Do these things and you will become viewed as more valuable by your company. As always, these are idea-starters for you.

  1. Become the “local fun source” in your social media, sharing fun events and refocusing listeners for more information on your website and on air. Because you are a public figure, you can “work the room” and get people to send you information, photos, and video so that this becomes something that just grows bigger the longer you do it.
  2. Help listeners learn “How To” projects. This should actually be something that can be accomplished between programming and sales to generate more dollars (sponsorships) and content. Imagine if you begin to gain a reputation as someone who either knows how to do a wide variety of home improvement things, or knows how to source it and showcases that in your social media, and perhaps on a YouTube channel and on your station website. You can get with local businesses and create a variety of “How To” videos that you host, and this can create a viral powerhouse for you that leads right to higher profile, more money, and higher ratings.
  3. Build your own local talent feature. Give it your own local name and flair, but make it all about local talent. Simple, easy, and, again, something that can be sponsored. Imagine becoming known as someone who discovers local talent (or at least has some fun exposing the crazy stuff that happens in your market). Again, on your social media, perhaps a YouTube channel and your own station website. All roads should lead back to the station and things your company owns.
  4. Launch a podcast focused on backstage, interviews, stars, music — the unique things that make what you do different than everyone with a “real job.” This is likely stuff you are doing already, but creating a podcast just gives you another way to build more “tribe” and bring it back to your primary vehicles @ radio and online. Spread your podcast in your social media, of course.  Celebrity interviews, backstage, inside the music business, radio backstage, more. You can do this. They don’t have to be long. Don’t have to involve a ton of editing. They can be exciting, powerful, short and, over time, give you a larger and growing audience learning about you and coming to you from other forms.

I may preach this over and over. Radio gets its power from being local. Be that talent that uses that “secret” power. You hear this all the time: Content is king. No, it isn’t. Money is king. If that wasn’t so, things would be different. So, just use the things you know are true to help your company bring in more money and grow both ratings and revenue. You’ll be the double threat. You’ll even been seen as valuable.


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