Using Video In 2016


Video is not going away. You’ve seen this with Facebook Live, but you should be picking up on this just by looking at the difference in those things you share that are text, photo, and video.  We thought we would share a few ways to encourage planning to make your rock star videos come alive in 2016.

  1. Think about your target audience and who you are going to help, entertain or engage before you begin. Try to focus on things that really connect with this audience.
  2. Think about creating tension in your story before you turn on the camera. Tension will create interest and maintain it across a short video, if you do it correctly.
  3. Have a beginning, middle, and end prepared even if you do vary from the plan. A good plan will give you a great base so that you are more likely to have an entertaining or attention-getting video of value.
  4. Keep it brief. Of course, this rule is made to be broken if you are soooo interesting that no one cares how long it is (but this probably isn’t true so keep it short).
  5. Think about the backdrop and think of your content as what you’re saying, doing, and what your background is because it all counts.

It is my belief that new opportunities pop up every day for radio to create more visuals to bring listeners back to the station because you’re fun. Do that and you’ll be successful in your social media.

It is also my belief that the talent in radio can be used to help target audiences in individual markets with everything from “projects” to sourcing things to recommending interesting activities and how-to activities. As always, you should work within the guidelines of your company and always within your own comfort on content, but the opportunities are there for personalities in radio to make the leap to visual and actually grow audience. Why not?


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