Cumulus KC Cuts Knapp To Save Money


Knapp posts on his Facebook page that the company cut him loose to save money and the best way to do it was to lay him off. “For the past 5 years I have consistently had the highest ratings on the station, so I was told repeatedly it was not about my performance. My general manager was very kind in telling me how much she appreciated my show and my work. I think corporate just decided it was cheaper to run their own syndicated programming than it was to pay me a salary.”

Knapp sais, everyone at Cumulus KC has been very good to him and he will miss working with them. “The good news is I learned a long time ago to always have more than one source of income. I am now ramping up my Personal Development business based on my book, GO! It includes public speaking, coaching, and writing. I’m also looking for new opportunities in radio.”


  1. Only McVay and Cumulus would believe that firing the biggest ratings daypart personality is a way to “save” money. Magic Mike is known for these famous tag lines “This is our challenge, not yours”, “Our fault”, “Totally eligible for a new position”, “When people ask me about you, it will be nothing but positive”. If you’re smart, immediately claim age discrimination. When Richard Denning is sent in with his typical book of lies (fueled by McVay), then ask if they make their money from ratings… when they have to say yes, then remind them of yours. I’m actually convinced that McVay is only around because their is no one else in the business who is older, making everyone he fires and/or cuts pay younger than him. Mary simply hasn’t done enough, investors are being jerked around… over and over.

  2. When the ship is listing – throw the crew overboard.
    The boilers have blown out and the boat is rudderless.
    The officer-corps has claimed all the lifeboats.
    Sharks are circling.


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