Forbes: Pandora Fails at Strategy Shift


Contributor Will Burns takes aim at a new TV ad Pandora is airing during the NBA playoffs. Burns says the company is ignoring its own strategy of “anticipation” and the ad falls flat.

Burns says the streaming company is selling the category of streaming music in the ad and not identifying what makes Pandora different. Pandora decided to use real people in the 2016 ad as opposed to actors in 2015. “The spot was trying way too hard with the characters to come off as culturally connected,” Burns writes. He says Pandora’s “love for music” strategy is too broad and compared to Spotify, Pandora’s experience is quite limited.

“If Pandora wants to win they need to stop selling the category of music and get back on their “Anticipation” strategic horse. They need to continue to prove to people that there is beauty in not knowing the next song. And that Pandora is the most magical when it comes to selecting that next song (the algorithm). Otherwise there won’t be a next song.”

Read the piece HERE.
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