Miller Takes Over For Armstrong & Getty


Once management knew Armstrong & Getty were going across the street to Cumulus, they were quick to announce Stephanie Miller would take over their morning slot on Talk 910 (KKSF-AM). iHeart San Francisco V.P. of Programming Don Parker said, “The Bay Area is arguably the most progressive market in the nation. This move aligns Talk 910 with the predominant sentiment of the region in all prime dayparts, delivering compelling progressive or lifestyle content throughout the day.”


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  2. I had the misfortune of catching Ms. Miller’s show this morning. It was during a rather run of lesbian jokes that were kind of gross and offensive, and it made me never want to tune into this station again. Yes, I know, if I don’t like it, don’t listen to it. No problem – I won’t. Farewell Talk 910 – hello KGO 810!

  3. On Friday when I heard Miller on 910, I thought “Ahaha… ya got me A&G, great April Fool’s joke.” This morning I just said “wtf?”

    Miller got a chance on Air America and 960. Didn’t fly. Now they want to drop one of the most popular AM drive time shows for her? Dumb move, 910.

    A&G will be on 810AM starting Tuesday 4/5.

  4. I am thrilled to learn that Stephanie Miller will be on KSFM. I hope I can pick up the station in Sacramento. I loved her show when she was on Air America, and it’s about time listeners have options besides right wing commentators. Thank you!

  5. This is great news for the Bay Area. Stephanie & crew are stand-up comedians & actors. Her show offers top quality satire & commentary. The best approach to the right wing is humor. It’s healthy to laugh & not respond with anger.

  6. Stephanie Miller is a true progressive,she’s awesome.You don’t like her,don’t listen to her.Radio is full of right wing trash.

  7. I got in my car this AM and at first I thought A&G were playing a clip of some bigoted lady acting badly, but it never ended and I tuned out.

  8. I gave Ms. Miller 30 minutes of my time and her voice, her delivery, and her commentary gave me nothing but chest pains, whine, whine & more whine. Progressive lifestyle must mean bitch, bitch and bitch; not a single solution offered to any of her statements, just putting blame on everyone else. Goodbye 910; you were a good friend to the morning commute.

  9. Armstrong & Getty kick ass. This new woman is BOOOOOORING. We don’t need any more Fascist Left Wing Media Crap. You can listen to your PC Police LIES all you want. The new host seems to love Susan Surran Wrap and Wormy Scammers. Good Riddance.


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