(VIDEO) Is Voltair Redundant? Is The Diary Better Than PPM?


Researcher Richard Harker, who’s been a big proponent of Voltair, was on a panel with Nielsen Audio Vice President and Director of Sales Rich Tunkel at Radio Ink’s Hispanic Radio Conference this week. The topic was Voltair.

Tunkel spoke about the rollout of ECBET and how it has evened the playing field for all stations using PPM. Harker said it’s too soon to tell whether Nielsen’s new technology is working and he looks forward to Nielsen’s next release of national numbers. “We’re hearing ratings are not as good, if you turn down the Voltair unit.” We spoke to Harker about what he’s hearing from clients about Voltair and ECBET, the rollout of Voltair 2.0 and his thoughts on whether you should remove your Voltair unit. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE



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