Telos: Voltair Still Significantly Improves Ratings


The debate over whether Telos’ Voltair unit improves your ratings or not just got a little more interesting. In a Thursday press release, the Telos Alliance — parent company of 25-Seven, the makers of the Voltair — claim new findings show Voltair “still provides broadcasters with a significant ratings advantage, even on enhanced CBET.”

The release states that after several months of lab and field research, Telos concludes Voltair is still “very useful for broadcasters who want to make sure they are getting credit for every listener using a Portable People Meter.”

The Telos release says Nielsen launched its enhanced CBET product late last year “in response to the disruptive Voltair, which broadcasters were using to optimize their transmission of watermarks. eCBET was supposed to address some of the encoding issues with CBET technology that the Voltair unit brought to light.”

At the time, Nielsen executives hinted that the new and improved CBET would pretty much render Voltair useless, although they did not come right out and say they would be telling stations not to use it. It’s now clear the folks at Telos still believe their product gives radio stations a ratings boost.


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