Nielsen Responds To Mason’s PPM Comments


When former CBS Radio President Dan Mason speaks, people listen and react. Following our Thursday story from Mason about his thoughts on PPM, many of you took the time to post comments about what Mason said and the ratings technology. We also reached out to Nielsen to get their side of the story. Here’s what a Nielsen spokesperson had to say.

“Nielsen offers best-in-class solutions that help promote the value of the entire audio industry. We stand behind that quality and performance of our technology, especially our personal people meter (PPM). PPM is a sound and mature technology that is accredited for AQH estimates in over half of the PPM markets and our audience estimates are the industry standard. Nielsen continually invests in updates for PPM technology – including the rollout of PPM 360 Version 2 in August 2014 and Enhanced CBET in 2015. The PPM has been doing exactly what it was designed to do and what the industry agreed upon, to credit audio when it can be heard.”



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