Firing Jack Diamond Cost Cumulus Big Revenue


In a company as big as Cumulus, you rarely hear the CEO single out one on-air employee, but that’s exactly what Berner did when she detailed just how much the firing of Jack Diamond cost the company. That firing was undone as Berner explained.

“In D.C., in November, we brought back Jack Diamond, reversing a corporate decision to remove him in 2013. Jack’s departure was arguably symptomatic of an overzealous focus on expense reduction without accurate analysis of the potential revenue impact. In D.C.’s case that move resulted in a dramatic decline in revenue. After bringing Jack back and adjusting the music strategy, there are encouraging signs in the ratings.”


  1. I am one of many like you that was on the chopping block. I left before getting canned. I am a fan of payday. I like how they want to give control back to local stations but without the staff and/or drive to do those jobs it will be like stacking furniture in quick sand. I like Mary and hope that she can help bring back the magic of radio and the way we all know that it can and should be.

  2. NOT TRUE Diamond has been back since before Thanksgiving 2015, the “positive signs” are microscopic. Mcvay was part of the regime to can Jack, and bring in The Bert Show, which failed miserably and rapidly. Jack should walk out the door as Cumulus has put him on a station that, aside from the name, doesn’t harbor any of the former MIX elements. It’s a Vanilla, easily forgotten station. Jack is overshadowed by teenage girl voices and music that is overplayed on the other competitors. Station can’t get into the Top 15, even after throwing massive contest money at the market. Investors should ask to see the raw numbers, and how this is not a long term solution. To the guy that wants to “restore” KGO, don’t be fooled, MIX has not been “RESTORED”, Cumulus has thrown money at a problem, with no strategy, and there’s no results. They have a PD on the ground, who has no success within Cumulus, at any other station. Explain why this situation is so bright? Just check the ratings and Miller Kaplan. Why does Cumulus create this propaganda, continually? Still aren’t fooling anyone, and just gassing up your investors on an idea that has no real value.

  3. Super glad for Jack, but does this also mean that the scores of good employees who were rear ended by Cumulus in the past can expect to get their positions back? Including those of us who spent 29 years at one cluster and were sent packing despite good ratings and with ethic? Remember, a tighter never changes its spots.


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