Time Spent Listening Online Trending Down


If you listened in to the Edison Research/Triton Digital Infinite Dial webinar Thursday afternoon you probably noticed what you might consider some good news for radio. One stat was what looks like a downward trend for online listening. Despite the fact that more people are listening online, they are listening for shorter periods of time.

online listening

In 2014, 95 million people listened to online radio. In 2015 that number jumped to 119 million. And, in 2016 it’s projected to reach 136 million. However, back in 2014 people spent an average of 13:19 per week listening online, which was the peak. In 2015, that dropped to 12:53 per week and in 2016 it’s projected to drop even lower to 12:08.

At the same time, it’s important to note that online listening in the car has really jumped over the past five years. While radio still dominates listening in the automobile, online listening has gone from 6% back in 2010 to a projected 37% in 2016, according to the latest Infinite Dial study.


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