Are Advertisers Wasting Their Money On Mobile?


At least when an advertiser writes a check to a radio station the advertiser knows that advertisement will air and listeners will hear it. The mobile firm Retail just came out with a report that found 60% of the clicks on mobile banner ads are mistakes. That doesn’t even take mobile clicking fraud into account. Talk about a waste of good advertising money. Mobile display spending will hit $18 billion this year.

Retail President Pat Mermody says, “Given the investment and with the majority of mobile banner clicks done accidentally, brands, marketers and agencies should reconsider their mobile strategies. Keep in mind, mobile display campaigns may suffer, not just from accidental clicks, but from viewability and fraud. To counteract these challenges and reach mobile users, other approaches need to be part of the mobile marketing mix.”

Read more about this survey HERE
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  1. I have no quibble with any of Bob’s points.
    And, I also agree with Ed the Ed.
    Many spots are being heard – some of the time.
    That radio is innately such a powerful electronic medium is its only “Ace-in-the-hole”.
    Radio, however, has a HUGE issue in that we are presenting those phusterclucks of innocuous, annoying, unlistenable and mostly ineffective spots that they stand as posters for “Tune Out Factors”.
    Plus, that those spots are not as effective as they could/need to be is never questioned. This is mainly because radio doesn’t know how to take the next, required step.
    Nor, it seems, are ownership and management demonstrating any interest in taking up the challenge.
    “Telling the story” won’t be enough.

  2. This report is not necessarily accurate when it says that when radio runs an ad “at least listeners will hear it.” …Wrong. Large segments of listeners according to PPM’s TUNE OUT of s station during the all-too-common cluster breaks of 6,8,10 or more commercials in a row…which means listeners are NOT hearing the commercials buried in the middle of cluster breaks. …This is a key reason for high churn with local advertisers. ….So let’s stop the all-to-typical radio behavior of attacking other mediums like digital, and concentrate on strengthening our own product – radio – if we can. Advertisers usually frown upon sellers/vendors anyway, who are attacking other competitors. In a sense, in doing that we are attacking a client for a decision THEY made…. Not a good way to build client rapport!

    • Why so negative on radio Bob?
      I think you get my point. There is not 60% fraud with radio ads.
      They are being heard.
      I do agree radio plays too many spots. Way too many spots.
      Have a great weekend
      Ed Ryan
      Radio Ink

      • Ed, I’m not being negative. It is a fact, proven by PPM’s, that audiences TUNE OUT in mass, when a music station goes into a cluster break. That is a fact. And commercials not being heard = diminished results for advertisers = high churn rate, that is prevalent in the local radio advertiser world. So please do not label me as negative, when I am making factual observations, that granted many in the radio ecosphere do not want to hear or address. But ignoring glaring flaws in the radio product, will not help to solve or improve anything.


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