Meyer: “We Exceeded All Of Our Goals”


SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer told investors and analysts on Tuesday that early in 2015 the company projected 1.2 million net new subscribers and delivered 2.3 million, bringing paid subs to an all-time high of 29.6 million. The company also projected revenue of $4.4 billion and it delivered nearly $4.6 billion. And, after projecting $1.25 billion in free cash flow, the company finished 2015 with $1.3 billion. Meyer says 2015 was a remarkable year for SiriusXM. “In 2016 you should expect more of the same. We expect to end the year with 31 million subscribers, $4.9 billion in revenue and $1.4 billion in free cash flow.” The company also generated $33 million in advertising revenue in the fourth quarter which was up 20% over 2015.


  1. And yet, surprise, like every other greedy corporate citizen in the Oligarchy, they are approaching record labels directly seeking licenses so they can weasel out of paying their fair share of Sound Exchange royalties, which now that consumers don’t want to pay for music any longer, is one of the music maker’s last few sources of income.


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