82 Million Vehicles Have SiriusXM


That amounts to about 1/3 of all vehicles on the road today. The SiriusXM penetration rate into new vehicles in 2015 was 74.5%. In Q4 that penetration rate was even higher at 78%. CEO Jim Meyer says 28% of all used cars sold in 2015 had a SiriusXM radio and that is a ripe market for the company. Meyers says that will continue to grow toward the new car penetration rate and 19,000 dealers now offer trials in used cars. Meyer said “clearly automakers find having satellite radio in new cars to be an extremely useful and valuable feature.”


  1. One of the options you could have used for the word “Serius” would be Sirius. Just a suggestion, but at the end of the day, it’s just the idea of correct spelling and knowing the name of the company; no big deal, right?

  2. I must note this argument…..

    Because one has an option in the vehicle, does not mean they use that option.

    Having XM Serius available to them is just like having one of 30 stations and an MP3 player in the car. They have options they prefer, in which XM may not be active or even paid for.

    This clearly is a story to pump up XM Serius’ image.

    Remember “penetration rate” and “subscription rate” are two separate things. Like Apples to candy canes.


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