Stewart Padveen Appointed President Of The Blaze


Of course The Blaze is Glenn Beck’s website, TV network, and digital radio network. Last June, Kraig Kitchen was appointed CEO and he tells Radio Ink that Padveen took over last week. “He’s a digital media wiz with great leadership skills and the previous Head of Product for The Blaze. Despite the company’s growing pains with first-generation employee turnover these past 12 months, the new management team, under Stewart’s leadership, and the talented folks that Glenn employs, have a robust business to manage.”

Kitchen has a longstanding and ongoing relationship with Beck, from launching his radio show into national syndication in 2001 to working with him as a client since 2008, and with The Blaze since 2011. “I was in a position to help him with the business of The Blaze last year, when it needed attention,” he said. Kitchen also owns his own management firm called Sound Mind. “It’s a thriving business that allows me to do what I do best – nurture and grow the businesses of some very talented individuals.”


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