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With a projected $11.4 billion in advertising dollars in play for the 2016 elections, Hispanic broadcasters are poised to grab record political revenue! Will you be ready to claim your share? Join us at the Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference.

Latino voters are a crucial constituency to local, state, and national office-seekers, and Hispanic radio has a strategic advantage in reaching that vital voting bloc! That’s why projections are for major spending on the medium. The challenge is making sure candidates unfamiliar with crafting to the nuances of Hispanic radio listeners know where to turn and how to maximize their outreach with radio.

At the 2016 Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference, March 22 and 23 in Ft. Lauderdale, political strategist and consultant José Dante Parra shares how Spanish-language radio will play into the advertising mix of candidates and how to successfully leverage your Hispanic audience into increased political revenue.

José Dante Parra is a Democratic strategist and a former senior advisor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, leading the Hispanic Media efforts during the Senator’s 2010 reelection campaign in Nevada, when the Latino vote was the largest deciding factor in that swing state. In 2012 he served as a Latino communications advisor for President Obama’s reelection and led the Democratic National Convention’s Hispanic media team. A former journalist for the Miami Herald and South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Parra is the founder and CEO of Prospero Latino, a Washington, DC-based strategic consulting firm focused on connecting corporate, political, and nonprofit clients with American Latinos.

“The Hispanic Radio Conference is a unique opportunity to explore strategies and connections between the growing Hispanic radio community and political campaigns’ paid media strategies at all levels,” Parra said. “With every passing election cycle, the Hispanic vote becomes more and more vital to winning elections. This will be quite evident as we approach the general elections in November. Campaigns already recognize the power of the Latino electorate, but they are just starting to figure out how to effectively harness it through key media such as radio, which has outsized influence in every Latino community throughout the nation.”

The Hispanic Radio Conference is the only conference dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Now in its 7th year, the conference attracts the industry’s key leadership in management, sales, and programming, whose combined audience reaches approximately 95% of the 50+ million Hispanics in this country.

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