Could You Be Chicago’s Next Radio Star?


WCKG is opening up their airwaves to new programs with a nationwide talent search. Operations Manager John Spataro is calling all business-oriented content creators to apply at to see if they have what it takes to be a major market radio host.

“Anyone who has a business or is talking about a business on a podcast, blog, vlog, or live stream should apply to join our team,” said Spataro. “We are looking for realtors, financial planners, venture capitalists, business coaches, lifestyle coaches, attorneys, doctors, lawyers…anyone who is creating content and looking for their big shot on the air in Chicago.

“There just simply aren’t enough business and money talk shows out there,” Spataro added. “That’s why we’re looking for TALENT. We’re looking for the next wave of successful hosts and personalities, even if they haven’t broken into radio just yet.”

Anyone interested is highly encouraged to fill out an application at


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