KFWB-AM in Los Angeles Sold


The L.A. Daily News reports all-sports KFWB-AM will end operations as an all-sports station in mid-February after the station’s asset trust sold the business to a group that runs foreign-language programming. The staff was told about the sale at a meeting Tuesday. Since 2011, CBS Radio put KFWB into a trust managed by Diane Sutter, President and CEO of ShootingStar Broadcasting. The move was needed since CBS owned and operated two TV stations and two radio stations in the L.A. market. There were no other specifics given about the group buying station, only that the sale was to be facilitated by a private equity firm.


  1. Please give proper attribution for the story: the initial report was from the L.A. Daily News (as linked to in the article above), not the L.A. Times. Thank you.

    As for the L.A. Clippers broadcasts: while the agreement with KFWB calls for the station to honor the contract through the end of the season (plus potential playoffs) in the event of a station sale, it is up to the team whether they want to continue with the station through this season (plus potential playoffs) or shop around for a new outlet in-season.


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