Arrests Made in KROCK Host Assault


KROCK is owned by Galaxy Communications in Syracuse. Two suspects in a Christmas assault on host Joe Grosvent and his cousin have turned themselves in to police, according to Police say 18-year-old Nouman Khan and 20-year-old Hamza Khan are charged with third-degree assault. The confrontation started when Grosvent and James McElyea say they were leaving a bar just before midnight when they saw a group of five men harassing a homeless person.

According to police, the five men pulled up in a BMW and began to shout at them. McElyea says the men appeared to be taking pictures of them or video taping them with their phones. According to McElyea, Grosvent knocked on the window of their vehicle to ask why they were taking pictures of them. That’s when, he says, a fight broke out between the two groups. McElyea says the men got out of the vehicle and began to attack, pinning him to their vehicle and repeatedly punching him in the throat, face, and head, even after he’d fallen to the ground.

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