Cumulus Revives 99X In Atlanta


The format flip for Cumulus in Atlanta is to alternative rock. PD Greg Ausham says “99X will once again be Atlanta’s unique source for new music discovery. 99X will be a station rooted solidly in today’s artists and devoted to looking ahead toward what’s next musically.” Over the previous five years there have been several formats on this signal (98.9) in Atlanta: active rock (the Bone), a Christian/country hybrid (The Walk), oldies (True Oldies/Good Time Oldies) and country (Nash ICON).


  1. Ofcourse, Talent will only come from Ms. Heather Cohen, who is Mike’s agent, also. Hey Cumulus… conflict of interest much? Cume-less still throwing bad ideas into new years! Mary Berner still hasn’t learned.

  2. Mike McVay… “Mr. Reach into my OLD bag of tricks”… LOL! When Berner finally wakes up, maybe.. MAYBE Cumulus will have a chance. Is the talent coming from Heather Cohen’s roster? Mike will only hire HIS agents talent. Cumulus…more shady stuff.


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