More Big Thinking From Small Markets


There is no question now that broadcast radio and television stations are losing revenue share to search engines like Google. Local direct decision-makers are taking dollars previously spent in broadcast and plowing them into search-engine marketing companies.

Leave it to a smart small-market manager like Bud Kitchens with East Texas Broadcasting, Inc. to come up with talking points we can all use to dissuade our clients from spending their budgets on search engines.

Bud ran across an article about a local direct client, a locksmith, who is suing Google and other search engines for allegedly violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO. The suit alleges that the search sites purposefully load false listings, making legitimate businesses pay more to be at the top of the search listings.

The lawsuit claims that Google, Yellowbook, Ziplocal, and others are including fraudulent locksmith companies in their search results, deliberately deceiving consumers and causing the locksmith service direct monetary harm.

Bud is telling his clients that it is better to be sought after than searched for. A good broadcast campaign shows consumers why it’s in their best interest to seek after our client’s business. He says that using a search engine is kind of like playing Russian Roulette. You don’t know who will be chosen and called. Bud says that a good spot with a catchy phone number works better than any search engine or Yellow Pages.

Being sought after is definitely better than having to be searched for. Spread the word, because Bud Kitchens is right.


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