The Magic of an Iconic Brand


We still need to rejoice in the glow of the iconic brand known as Apple.

Sometimes when competition, disruption, and short attention spans make everything seem humdrum and average we need a wake-up call to remind us that a brand is something special. The launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus provided that reminder when I saw scores of zealots waiting in a line that started on Boylston Street here in Boston and curled around the corner to Newbury Street.

Even days later, at various cell phone carrier stores (ATT and Verizon) and Apple Stores, the frenzy is still there.

I’m not a person who would do that, even though I love Apple products. I guess it somewhat escapes me to wait in a line for anything!

Yet the iconic brand pulled off another PR coup for the release of a new product. At the very least, no matter what our business, we should aspire for that type of buzz-marketing hoopla.

In retrospect, just for first-hand, on-the-ground consumer research, we, as students of programming and marketing, should have waited in line to get a feel for being around an iconic product’s launch .

What’s in the special sauce regarding this iconic brand and what can we learn from it?

First and foremost, the culture of the company, especially at product launch, is one of devoted love. Maybe this is the most important “essential ingredient” since so much of the “Apple Experience” is made when you walk in the store.

By the way, I do remember a brief period early on in the Apple storefront business that the customer experience was spotty. That was remedied pretty quickly.

Secondly, the advertising push they make is always unprecedented. Heck, they even tried to bring Joan Rivers back from the dead to promote the new phone on social media.

Which leads me to the third point and possibly the biggest lesson here. They are obviously pursuing an aggressive strategy  via their social platforms by keying in on “large cume influencers ” to help them spread the word. They earn their iconic status every day yet they aren’t taking it for granted in their pursuit of more brand loyalty.

The history of all of the recent Apple moves is yet to be completely written but it’s awe inspiring to think of an iconic brand maintaining a “magical status” in today’s complicated competitive terrain.



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