Are You Contagious?


(By Rick Fink) It’s a common question we encounter daily: “How are you doing?” While it may seem like a simple greeting, how we respond can significantly impact our interactions and relationships with others. Do you make them happy and excited to see you, or does your reply make them feel blah and just ordinary?

Keep in mind, your reply might be contagious!

Here are some of the more common and ho-hum responses:

  • “Good”
  • “Good, thank you”
  • “I’m OK”
  • “Pretty good”
  • “Fine”
  • “Not bad”

When I am asked this question, I respond one of two ways (always delivered with a smile or grin), “Best day of my life so far!”, or “Really darn well!”

With very few exceptions, I nearly always get a big smile from the person asking. Immediately the mood changes from casual and uneventful to upbeat and exciting. Once in a while, someone will ask me if it really is the best day of my life. My response was, “Well maybe not the best day, but sometimes you have to fake it!”

Some people tend to wear their lives on their sleeves more than others. One response we should NEVER use is a negative response, i.e., “Oh, I’ve had better days”, or, “Not real well”. We are all human, and we all have bad days, but we should never share it with our clients.

How we greet our clients is a little thing, but having an over-the-top, something other than ordinary response sets the mood in a good way. No, a GREAT way!

Ask yourself, are you contagious?

Now, go out and have the “Best Day of Your Life, So Far”.

Rick Fink from ENS Media can be reached at 605-310-2062 or at [email protected]. Read Rick’s Radio Ink archives here.



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