After Shaky Twitter Start, DeSantis Turns To Radio


After his Presidential campaign announcement suffered technical difficulties on Twitter, Governor Ron DeSantis took to radio on Wednesday to explain the incident and expand his initial statement. DeSantis appeared on The Mark Levin Show in his first major traditional media appearance since declaring his candidacy – a win for radio.

Ron DeSantis’s campaign announcement on audio-only Twitter Spaces was plagued by problems. The event was first delayed by more than 20 minutes due to server overload, then once the event began, there were continued technical difficulties, including audio problems and dropped calls. On Levin’s show, DeSantis called it a victory, saying the glitches were caused by extreme server demand.

The duo also discussed DeSantis’ political career in Florida, his family, and his relatively young age to be a Presidential candidate. At a time when the future of radio, especially AM talk radio, is called into question, it shows the strength of the medium for DeSantis to seek it out so quickly.


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