Sheri Lynch Releases Coloring Book for ‘Exhausted Adults’


Bob & Sheri co-host Sheri Lynch has released a coloring book that offers some cathartic relief for stressed-out listeners.

The book, called It’s Always Something: A Coloring Book for Exhausted Adults, will be published and distributed by NOW! Media, the company that also distribute the Bob & Sheri to more than 70 radio stations across the country.

“Let’s face it: Adulting is tough work,” Lynch said in a statement. “It’s exhausting. Nothing seems to go exactly as planned. We know. That’s why we created this coloring book. They say coloring is soothing. It may not keep the cat from barfing on your brand-new Persian rug, but it may take the edge off. And, hey, it’s a lot cheaper than therapy.”

Each book contains 50 pages of “snarky coloring fun,” a spokesperson said in a press release.

“We’ve always stretched the Bob & Sheri brand across media platforms to interact with fans wherever they are, and everywhere they are,” Tony Garcia, who co-owns NOW! Media with Lynch, said on Monday. “Bob and Sheri have a creative dynamic that extends beyond their daily radio program to social media and unique live events. Sheri cannot be contained. She is always in touch with and doing something for and with their listeners.”

The book is available for about $10 from the Bob & Sheri online merchandise store.


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