The Reviews Are in For Forecast 2023


Radio Ink’s Forecast 2023 is now in the books. The annual financial event held at the Harvard Club in New York City was standing room only and boasted the highest number of sponsors in the 20-year history of the event. Here’s what attendees had to say about the conference…

“Many thanks to Deborah Parenti and the entire team at Radio Ink magazine for presenting yet another insightful, impactful and forward leaning conference on behalf of the radio and television industry.”
Caroline Beasley
Beasley Media Group

“Forecast 2023 exceeded my expectations for high-level, engaging information and conversation’. It remains a must attend event for broadcasting executives.”
Chesley Maddox-Dorsey

Steve Newberry and John David

“This year’s Forecast was such a great event. I knew going in there would be strong content, but it far exceeded my expectations. And, despite the challenges the economy is presenting, the day was filled with strategic ideas on how to adapt and succeed in 2023.”
Steve Newberry

“The undisputed premier industry event. A decade into our relationship, Forecast continues to be a high-yield, tentpole sponsorship opportunity for Nielsen. Proud to continue our participation.”
Brad Kelly

“The comments from those who drive revenue and locate money for media were clearly positive about the business. The opportunity to be in a room with many of the brightest minds and greatest influencers in our industry made the entire event a “must attend” for me. The sessions were informative, and very entertaining. The fact that it was acknowledged that talent sell products, really resonated with me. I also enjoyed seeing many of my friends and making some new ones.”
Heather Cohen
The Weiss Agency

Steve Jones, Erica Farber and Scott Herman

“As always, Forecast is a day not to be missed. The one place to hear diverse, unfiltered opinions on where the industry is and where it’s going.”
Scott Herman
Broadcasters Foundation of


“I thought last year was impressive! From the panel topics to the lineup of power players, this year’s event was truly a showstopper. Bravo to Deb and her team.”
Julie Huddy
Radio & Television Host

“Forecast provided perspectives from both inside and outside of our business. Where we are going in 2023 and beyond and some insights on revenue predictions to plan forward. Great to hear from success and why it works.”
John David
Former NAB VP for Radio

(L-r) Rich Tunkel (Nielsen), John Fix (Procter & Gamble), Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti and Brad Kelly (Nielsen).

“Overall, this conference was packed with lots of actionable “takeaway” information. I was most taken with the accessibility of NAB CEO Curtis Legeyt, who said “This is an industry that needs to succeed.” He added “The card to play for Washington DC is “Local and Trusted.” His comments resonate in a room loaded with decision-makers.”
Mike McVay
McVay Media Consulting

“Radio Ink’s annual Forecast event has once again laid a solid foundation for what the radio and television broadcast industry leaders can expect to see and experience in the coming year. Many thanks to Deborah Parenti and the entire team for producing yet another outstanding event!”
Heidi Raphael
Chief Communications Officer
Beasley Media Group


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