Today’s Radio Wayne Finalist Spotlight is From NYC


Elizabeth Paulino is the Director of Sales for SBS (WSKQ and WPAT) in New York City. She’s also a 2022 Radio Ink Radio Wayne finalist. The awards will be handed out this month in Miami during the Radio Masters Sales Summit. Our awards are sponsored this year Quu.

Radio Ink: Why did you get into sales and then sales management?
Elizabeth Paulino: Pursuing a career path in sales has always appealed to me because it was well aligned with my interests and skills. I’m naturally a curious, solution-oriented person.  After a long, successful track record in sales which spanned multiple formats from classic rock to Spanish Tropical, in 2014 it was time to take on new challenges by transitioning into sales management at SBS and contributing to the company’s growth in an equally significant yet different way.  As a manager, it has been very gratifying to share ideas and best practices while influencing the progress and development of salespeople.  Plus, I’ve continually enjoyed helping buyers find creative ways to build their businesses and increase revenue.

Radio Ink: What is the key to successfully managing salespeople today?  
Elizabeth Paulino: Managing salespeople today has certainly evolved from even just two+ years ago.  Staying connected and making salespeople feel they are all part of a team working towards a common goal that is clearly communicated is more important than ever in a time where there are less in-person meetings.  In addition to this, I try my best to get to know each of them as individuals which has enabled me to identify their strengths and maximize their potential based on the unique skills that each of them brings to the team.

Radio Ink: What is the best way to find and train successful salespeople?
Elizabeth Paulino: We’ve initiated a multi-tiered approach and utilize numerous resources to find salespeople such as, running radio ads on our stations, ads on our websites, social media platforms, linked in, headhunters and word of mouth.  In terms of training, we’ve developed an on-boarding system for entry level salespeople which involves learning and implementing strategies at each level of the sales process, spending time with sales mentors as well as employees in support roles. Also, as digital advertising spend increases annually by double digits, training in this category is essential to our success and an ongoing focus for salespeople of all levels.

Radio Ink: Give us one success story about your team that you are most proud of over the past year.
Elizabeth Paulino: There were so many It would be nearly impossible to narrow it down to one. However, one of my proudest moments was watching my team reinvent themselves and join forces to overcome unprecedented challenges and outperform revenue goals by triple digits from any previous year.

E-mail Elizabeth to congratulate her on being names a finalist for a 2022 Radio Ink Radio Wayne award at [email protected]

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