High School Station Gets New Boss


The East Valley Institute of Technology in Phoenix has announced that Michael Mallace is the new General Manager at High School radio station KVIT-FM. Mallace is a former EVIT Advisory Board President for the EVIT Radio/Audio Production program.

“We are very excited to have Michael Mallace join our EVIT Pulse Team,” said Dana Kuhn, director of instructional programs. “His knowledge, background, ideas and enthusiasm will bring new life to 88.7 The Pulse and support our students in their career journeys. We are very fortunate he has joined us.”

Mallace has led various Phoenix radio groups including Sierra H Broadcasting, Radio Disney, Big City Radio and others for more than thirty years, focusing on creating a people-first culture, developing and growing talent, serving the community, audience growth and maximizing profitability.

“I have come full circle,” Mallace said. “My career began at my high school radio station. My passion is engaging students and teaching them the skills they need to become exceptional broadcasters. I have been very fortunate in my career through the years and believe in paying it forward by educating the next generation of broadcasters. Having the opportunity to join the extraordinary team and students at EVIT is very gratifying. I could not be more energized!”

One of the premier high school radio stations in the country, 88.7 FM The Pulse, is a community-supported music radio station operated by the staff and students of EVIT. The mission is to provide locally programmed music and content that is in tune with the needs of our communities and partners. In 2021, the John Drury High School Radio Awards, which recognizes excellence in high school broadcasting, named The Pulse the “Best High School Radio Station in America.”



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